America, You’ve Been Blacklisted: McCarthyism Refashioned for a New Age

Wednesday, July 15, 2020
By Paul Martin

By John W. Whitehead
July 14, 2020

“If we confuse dissent with disloyalty—if we deny the right of the individual to be wrong, unpopular, eccentric or unorthodox—if we deny the essence of racial equality then hundreds of millions in Asia and Africa who are shopping about for a new allegiance will conclude that we are concerned to defend a myth and our present privileged status. Every act that denies or limits the freedom of the individual in this country costs us the confidence of men and women who aspire to that freedom and independence of which we speak and for which our ancestors fought.”—Edward R. Murrow

For those old enough to have lived through the McCarthy era, there is a whiff of something in the air that reeks of the heightened paranoia, finger-pointing, fear-mongering, totalitarian tactics that were hallmarks of the 1950s.

Back then, it was the government—spearheaded by Senator Joseph McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee—working in tandem with private corporations and individuals to blacklist Americans suspected of being communist sympathizers.

By the time the witch hunts carried out by federal and state investigative agencies drew to a close, thousands of individuals (the vast majority of them innocent any crime whatsoever) had been accused of communist ties, investigated, subpoenaed and blacklisted. Regarded as bad risks, the accused were blacklisted, and struggled to secure employment. The witch hunt ruined careers, resulting in suicides, and tightened immigration to exclude alleged subversives.

Seventy years later, the vitriol, fear-mongering and knee-jerk intolerance associated with McCarthy’s tactics are once again being deployed in a free-for-all attack by those on both the political Left and Right against anyone who, in daring to think for themselves, subscribes to ideas or beliefs that run counter to the government’s or mainstream thought.

It doesn’t even seem to matter what the issue is anymore (racism, Confederate monuments, Donald Trump, COVID-19, etc.): modern-day activists are busily tearing down monuments, demonizing historic figures, boycotting corporations for perceived political transgressions, and using their bully pulpit to terrorize the rest of the country into kowtowing to their demands.

All the while, the American police state continues to march inexorably forward.

This is how fascism, which silences all dissenting views, prevails.

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3 Responses to “America, You’ve Been Blacklisted: McCarthyism Refashioned for a New Age”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    We’re WWAAAAYYY past the time where articles like this are just useless babble. The Titanic’s almost 100 % sunk … we’re hanging on for dear life … we know there’s The USS Confederate just 200 yards across the water and we’d better get to it FAST … and here we have some goofball writing pseudo intellectual BABBLE. He’s sitting right next to us shivering and his feet about to touch the water. He KNOWS the ship is just right there, ( as do ALL fake ass watchmen, ) yet he “writes” his little opinion piece 🙂


  2. SF Mo

    Just looking at who is still causing the trouble, it does not look like McCarthyism got enough of them.

  3. WilliamtheResolute

    The underlying truth is that McCarthy was right, the Communists got him in the end because of his own demons and miscalculations. Today we aren’t faced with quiet, behind the scenes subversion in Hollywood and government, it’s in your face and it’s in the Fu*king streets and needs to be dealt with asap.

    The world doesn’t need to worry about blacklisting America because America is fighting for it’s life and if the patriots lose then the World loses too. Orwellian dystopia is coming under the Communist/Democrats, I understand the authors concern and warning but we are far past the point of no return.


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