Communist China’s cultural revolution has come to America; Black Lives Matter supporters called on to turn against family members

Friday, July 10, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Lance D Johnson
Thursday, July 09, 2020

“They beat her, bound her and led her from home. She knelt before the crowds as they denounced her. Then they loaded her on to a truck, drove her to the outskirts of town and shot her.”

These are the words of Zhang Hongbing, recalling the time he turned in his mother for not supporting communist ideals during the Great Proleterian Cultural Revolution, a sociopolitical movement that shook China from 1966 until 1976.

Now Zhang is trying to atone for the death of his mother by telling her story. It’s the same horrid story of communist control that has begun to unfold in America.

The New York Times is now demanding that black lives matter protestors “withdraw from their loved ones and relatives” if those relatives do not support black lives matter organizations through “protest” or financial contributions.”

The bloody cultural revolution of communist China has arrived in America

The bloody cultural revolution of communist China has arrived in America in the form of a new sociopolitical movement called Black Lives Matter. The movement, hiding behind the guise of peaceful protest, has been sweeping the streets of U.S. cities with rage, violence, theft and mob rule. This growing movement seeks absolute control, in a new America where the rule of law is denigrated, where due process is replaced with mass persecution of “racist whites” who are “privileged.” It’s a communist movement that targets anyone who doesn’t submit to its ideals. Anyone who doesn’t go along with the movement can be dragged into the streets as their business is burned to the ground, their wife beaten, their property stolen.

This movement, now permeating corporate power structures, media outlets and political agendas, is demanding absolute subservience to its demands.

Right now the BLM Cultural Revolution is taking its darkest turn yet, calling for supporters to turn on their own families and socially ostracize them if they do not support the movement. Those who do not support this Cultural Revolution are being accused of white privilege and white supremacy. Those who don’t support black lives matter are being told that their “silence is violence” towards blacks. Ironically, this Cultural Revolution is initiating violence in the streets, destroying businesses, harming innocents, and now moving toward mass division in families. Due process and the rule of law are being threatened like never before as this movement clings to power and calls for absolute control.

Those who do not support black demonstrators and send money to Black Lives Matter are to be socially isolated

The disgraceful NYT column, penned by Chad Sanders, starts out by painting black people as victims in a world full of evil white privilege, and hostile white supremacy that is on the prowl to target blacks. It’s a mindset of despair and victim-hood, but it’s the selling point used to stir up racism towards whites and to recruit gullible white liberals to shame themselves and hate their own race. The author takes his depraved ideas a step further and calls on his humiliated, kneeling army of white liberals to socially isolate family members who do not agree.

In the column, Sanders claims he lives “constantly” with “the fear of death” because racist white police are waiting to kill him. He also laments how white liberals keep reaching out to him to show they care. Sanders calls on his white allies to start giving cash payment to black politicians and BLM groups. He also demands that his allies contact their relatives and tell them “you will not be visiting them or answering phone calls until they take significant action in supporting black lives either through protest or financial contributions.” He also calls on his “white allies” to protect black rioters who could be “at greater risk of harm during demonstrations.”

This malicious “call to action” is the kind of despotism seen on the dawn of China’s Communist Cultural Revolution, which saw families turning on one another, as innocents were dragged into the streets and murdered if they did not agree or comply.

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  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Arm up white Christians and move south. OWN the south. Condense in and vote and buy and hire and promote each other. While you’re thinking it through … arm up big time. We’re dealing with a mob of porch monkeys and white porch monkeys with very low IQ’s and they are incapable of thought. Do you understand ? I don’t think you do.

    The apes and wiggers, can’t “reason.” You can talk to them … you can show them 1 on 1 .. you can explain everything … and they’ll be right out rioting raping and everything tomorrow.

    FORCE is all they understand. They are a different species of human. The African species.

    The silent independent media is just as much to blame as the controlled media. They both, “take a knee.”


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