50 Things I Would Do If I Were President for a Day

Tuesday, July 7, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Year is 2021 and Joe Biden is the President, even though he doesn’t realize it. At a White House Press Briefing, a reporter challenges Biden and tells him that a man in Arizona says he could fundamentally transform America, in only a day with a series of Executive Orders. In his depleted cognitive condition, Biden agrees to have Dave Hodges come to the White House to prepare his 24 hour agenda and promises to not interfere. His backroom cabal is furious that Biden forgot to consult with them as he is required to do.

Some will challenge my authority to effect policy change based solely upon Executive Orders. However, I am quick to point out that Governors have been allowed to supersede the Constitution by determining what businesses will stay open during a greatly exaggerated “plandemic”. Case closed.

Subsequently, I am living the dream, I get to run America for 24 hours and this is what I would do.

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3 Responses to “50 Things I Would Do If I Were President for a Day”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    To the “newsman with no name” that hasn’t arisen yet : Don’t be influenced by other independent newshobbyists. Some of them have likely even been MKUltra’d and don’t even know. Yes, physically snatched up hypnotized and released. (((They))) “want” what sheeple think of as independent right wing news guys, out here following controlled media’s talking points and of course NEVER mentioning the 10,000 lb elephant in the room : Race.

    This article is a good study example for you. Mixed in with a bunch of stuff so good you want to high 5, hug, donate $ and even buy the guy dinner, are a few dumb things but notice NOT A PEEP ABOUT SEPARATING FROM BLACK BROWN AND WIGGERS but wait … there IS something about amnesty. Yeesss. Mm hmm. Nothing about deporting 30 + million 3rd world darkies, but stuff about keeping them here.

    ALL CURRENT independent media are brainwashed milk toasts. Ignore them. Even as it gets like South Africa … they will STILL … “take a knee” …


  2. Robert Edward Lee

    This actually a GREAT study in brainwashing for you … newsman with no name.

    Think HOW thorough the brainwashing would have to have been over the decades for an informed elder white Christian male, to sit and think of “50” things he’d do if president ……… but nowhere in 1 through 50 is a wall or deportations mentioned let alone separating white Christians from everyone else.

    Have a moment of silence as you consider how telling these emissions are, and remember HE’S A REPRESENTATIVE OF HOW ALL INDEPENDENT MEDIA have been psychologically compromised.

    YOU, newsman with no name … must make up for their inability to break the hypnotic chains of … things coming out of a picture tube with audio 🙂 and EXTRA focus on restructuring the country based on race color politics etc., and emphasize the techniques needed, mostly through data stored in Fusion Centers and NSA, to weed out the WHITE enemies from Confederacy 2 as well –


  3. Excellent list of 50 things Mr. Hodges would do if he were President for a day. I would add one additional item: Close down all bio-weapons labs and hold the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with Anthony Fauci criminally responsible for the release of SARS-COV2 from the Wuhan bio-weapons lab that they financed.

    (Also stop the “news” blackout per the TEPCO nuclear plants in Fukushima).


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