Health Ranger declares independence from medical tyranny: We all have the right of self-defense against forced vaccines

Saturday, July 4, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Saturday, July 04, 2020

A forced vaccine is a violent, felony assault with a deadly weapon, and all human beings have the right of self-defense against violent assaults. A few days ago, I posted a video (see below) declaring I will invoke my right of self-defense against any attempt at forced vaccination against my body. This means any government agent, or agency, or personnel who attempt to violate my body against my consent will be met with the deployment of force in an act of self-defense.

This is not about initiating violence, but halting violence. An assault with a deadly needle is a form of violence, and it must be stopped through all legal means, which includes the legal right to self-defense.

No government has any right to invade your body and force you to be injected with a potentially injurious or even deadly substance, and given that today’s coronavirus vaccines are skipping most of the normal protocols of safety and testing, the coming forced vaccinations with the coronavirus vaccine are mandatory medical experiments being conducted in violation of the Geneva Convention which forbids such actions on a global scale.

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5 Responses to “Health Ranger declares independence from medical tyranny: We all have the right of self-defense against forced vaccines”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    MEDICAL tyranny ? 🙂 Come on Mike … mention the 10,000 lb elephant in the room. None of this would happen in a well planned 2nd Confederacy –

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    “Health Ranger !” 🙂 Ya ain’t gonna be too healthy WHEN the apes and wiggers take over. WHY don’t you EVER address the need to separate ?


  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Finally … keep in mind, regarding the link above to the Dolittle / John Mark duo, their idea is too flawed. It won’t work. Your first clue is them giving the mich to a BLM ape. Next, their concept is political “zones” but oops a daisy … any and all apes and wiggers can drive right in … move right in and RIOT right in any and all zones.

    The only reason for the link is, at least they’re mentioning it.

    TO save what’s left of the real America, ( eg., white Christian America, ) we must have our own country. Confederacy 2.0

    Good evening … hobbyists.

  4. Robert Edward Lee

    Sshhhh. Not a peep about Confederacy 2. One of these might call you a name !!!

  5. Robert Edward Lee

    I hereby declare all independent media NOT covering the need for whites to have our own country cowardly traitors, lower than white trash and aiding and abetting the enemies foreign and domestic –


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