Black Lives Matter is a full-blown CULT, and its supporters are mindless FANATICS

Thursday, July 2, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Thursday, July 02, 2020

Every guilt-ridden white person out there who has joined up with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is convinced that he or she has taken the moral high ground while everyone else is still mired in racism. But as pointed out by social justice theorist James Lindsey, BLM adherents are actually cult members who fail to recognize how they have been co-opted into joining a newfangled religion, which we would contend is marked by racism against whites and black supremacy.

According to Lindsey, there are three stages to the cult-joining process: initiation, indoctrination, and reprogramming. He also delves into the mentality of cult members, the deprogramming process, and how to leave a cult – which is helpful information for those who eventually come to the realization that they have been duped.

During the initiation phase, potential cult members are baited through exploitation of emotional vulnerability. In the case of BLM, this might take the form of asking the cult initiates, “Did you know you’re complicit in racist systems?” the purpose being to shame these initiates into believing that they need guidance on how to change.

Systemic racism, of course, is a completely made-up concept that serves the interest of denigrating whiteness while elevating blackness. And it is precisely the emotional vulnerability that is being used to exploit masses of mostly white people into hating themselves, as well as others like them with similar skin tones.

“Be an anti-racist,” might be the pitch, followed by, “Help us dismantle the system and build a better world.” This type of baiting convinces the initiate that he or she has the power to bring about systemic change while taking credit as some kind of “hero” for the black cause, making white people with white guilt feel better about themselves.

Once the white initiate has been initiated, next comes the full reprogramming

After breaching this “feel-good” threshold, the cult initiate is advanced to the indoctrination stage, where he or she is brought into the “inner circle,” so to speak. After humiliating the white initiates through declarations of “white fragility” and other anti-white concepts, these easily-duped whites are told to cut ties with those who do not agree with them and basically commit to the new cause without wavering.

For white members of BLM, this can look like publicly denouncing one’s own whiteness, or publicly shaming one’s white friends in heartless acts of betrayal. This demonstrates that the initiate has moved on from the initiation phase to the indoctrination phase, where he or she will then learn the ways of higher-level activism.

“This process progresses over time, usually months, demanding more costly sacrifices, costly signals, and doing work for the cult and its doctrinal mission,” Lindsey writes. “Costly sacrifices and signals are particularly powerful displays of commitment, and when the mark rationalizes these objectively bad decisions and the cognitive dissonance that doing them causes, they nearly always rationalize themselves much further into the cult.”

Later on, the cult member is advanced to the full reprogramming stage where he or she is plunged in to see the world fully through the lens of cult doctrine. No longer is the cult member having to be told what constitutes “rightthink” or “wrongthink,” but instead is now able to start declaring it without the training wheels because, at this point, “woke” cult thinking comes naturally.

“Having a critical consciousness occurs when one is able to see the ‘problematics’ in everything, where ‘problematics’ are any deviation or potential for deviation from the cult doctrine anywhere in any aspect of society,” Lindsey adds.

“This includes in speech, writing, institutions, thoughts, people, systems, knowledge, history, one’s past, and society itself.

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