You want some FRIES with that? McDonald’s pushing black trans spokespeople as part of “amplifying black voices” campaign

Wednesday, July 1, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Wednesday, July 01, 2020

In an attempt to keep Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists from destroying any more of its restaurants, fast food chain McDonald’s has unveiled a new campaign called “amplifying black voices” that features various “black trans women” lecturing the world about the alleged plight of black trans lives.

McDonald’s spokestrans Imara Jones, for instance, an obvious black male costumed in stereotypical black women’s clothing and hair braids, was recently featured in a company tweet barking at Twitter users about how not enough is being done to protect black trans lives from dying.

“Black trans women have a very simple message: Stop killing us,” Jones is seen stating in the clip with an angry scowl on “her” face. “We can’t expect others to care about us if we don’t even care about ourselves. We’re all free or none of us is.”

A fellow at the George Soros-run Open Society Foundation, Jones is also the founder of a media company called TransLash that gives a platform to other black trans lives to proclaim their victimhood.

“Through the lens of journalism and personal narrative, TransLash creates and curates content, events, and resources in collaboration with our partners, as well as in community with trans individuals and allies,” the TransLash website explains.

“Through our work we center the humanity of the most marginalized of the marginalized,” it adds.

Could the chemical-laden food served at McDonald’s be the cause of this trans-insanity? Find out in the following episode of The Health Ranger Report:

McDonald’s wants trans people to have a presence everywhere in society
Another of Jones’ gripes, which is also an apparent gripe of the McDonald’s corporation, is that too few trans people are visible in society. If it were up to Jones and McDonald’s, trans people would be everywhere at all times.

“The lack of trans visibility in all walks of life, professions, parts of the country, and even our families can make it hard for us to see what life might be like for us as adults, and as elderly people,” Jones complains.

“Without the ability to see ourselves in the future, life can seem like a place marked only by obstacles and loneliness.”

The trans life is apparently so lonely that trans lives feel the compulsion to try to convert others, including young children, into also becoming trans. This is what happened to a 16-year-old Australian-American boy by the name of Lucas who recently came forward to tell the horror story of how his mother tried to turn him into a girl.

Not long after Lucas’ mom divorced his dad, his mom started dressing him up in female clothing. He was just eight years old at the time, and not only that but Lucas’ mom also dragged him to literal drag shows where he was inappropriately talked to and groped by older homosexual and pedophile perverts.

“I grew up and went to school in Australia and everything was quite normal,” Lucas recalls about his life prior to being taken to the United States. “I had a few friends and we’d hang out and play video games or just mess around at the local park.”

Lucas is the type of child being targeted by the likes of Jones, who claims that “the eight-year-old girl inside of me still needs to hear this message,” the message being that there is a future for trans people if they become really aggressive and shove their agenda in the faces of whomever they encounter, including innocent children.

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  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Who eats at McDonalds ? The uninformed and OTW, ( other than whites. ) So it’s the wigger / woke / uninformed whites, and of course the darkies.

    Eat up flunkies eat up. Enjoy your fake crap and GMO.


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