A civil war has begun, but only one side is fighting: Soon, normal people across America will pick up rifles and defend this nation against Black Lives TERRORISTS

Monday, June 29, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Monday, June 29, 2020

America is now in the midst of a civil war, but only one side is fighting… the anti-America side.

The enemies of America are not merely tearing down statues, beating white people on the streets, torching local businesses, seizing city property and assaulting police, they are intent on overthrowing the United States of America and rolling out a communist authoritarian regime. Under their desired regime, the U.S. Constitution would be completely nullified, private firearms ownership would be criminalized and no speech would be allowed anywhere in America unless it’s speech that worships Black Lives Matter, LGBT lunacy, Antifa terrorists and other required champions of “progressivism” (which has now devolved into a dangerous cult of mass mental illness).

So far, pro-America forces are refusing to fight, surrendering everything to the lunatic Left. But that’s about to change. We’re already seeing evidence that ordinary Americans, fed up with the terrorism, destruction of property and outrageous insanity of BLM and Antifa, are picking up their firearms and taking a stand to defend themselves against left-wing terrorists.

Case in point: St. Louis attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who had the courage to defend their private property against a lunatic mob of black terrorists who were threatening their home and who had invaded private property to terrorize a neighborhood:

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(You gotta love how they’re both barefoot. This isn’t exactly the kind of tactical readiness we recommend, but at least they’re both armed and seem determined to defend themselves, even if they don’t have shoes.)

The Black Lives terrorists were trespassing on private property and had broken through a gate, invading a private community where they proceeded to threaten homeowners. This St. Louis couple, the McCloskey’s, rightfully decided to pick up a rifle and a pistol to defend their lives and property against the Black Lives terrorists.

Here’s a video of how it unfolded:

By the way, in examining the outrageous left-wing hatred against people who defend their own homes, take a look at Kyle Dennis (@krezacdennis) — a self-described “anti-racism executive coach” — who begged for more members of the lunatic mob to attack and destroy this couple:

Someone identify these people… get an address. I’ll help. Sue them, ruin their businesses, help their employees sabotage their capital, call their kids, call their family members, call their country club — use capitalism for the weapon it’s designed to be.

How’s that for love, inclusiveness, tolerance and coexistence? That’s the new, radical Left for you: A bunch of culted-up lunatics who demand the use of violence to destroy people who are merely defending their own private property against an enraged mob.

Meanwhile, the McCloskeys have already been transformed into heroic figures among those who are sick and tired of the lawlessness and destruction of Black Lives terrorists:

Yes, it’s epic:

This is just the beginning: More Americans will begin to pick up firearms and defend themselves

As normal Americans grow tired of their nation being torn down by lawless savages and left-wing lunatics — who are of course completely supported by the treasonous left-wing media that falsely claims terrorist groups are “peaceful” — more and more people will start picking up firearms and defending their lives, their homes and their communities. We see a day soon when ordinary Americans, in defense of their nation, begin taking down left-wing terrorist mobs with precision gunfire. That will be a tipping point, as it’s the day America decides to fight back against an attempted communist revolution being run by lawless, violent terrorists.

At some point, when your nation is under attack, you have no choice but to take up arms in defense of life, liberty and your future.

Terrence Popp, creator of “Live From the Lair” podcasts — which has a channel on Brighteon.com — describes the current situation with simple clarity. In this outstanding video, he explains that America is in the throes of a civil war and that if the American people don’t get organized and find the courage to fight back, this nation will be overrun by left-wing communists and terrorists who seek the total destruction of America.

I strongly recommend you watch and share this video. Note that Facebook and Twitter have completely banned all links from Brighteon.com, so it’s time you moved to Parler.com, Gab.com, Spreely.com or other platforms that won’t censor your speech:

How to identify the enemies of America

As this civil war escalates, it’s crucial to identify the true enemies of America so that you know who needs to be defeated.

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  1. Michael


    Initial thoughts: you have a handler. You blend sound logical thoughts with illogical and heightened aggressive rhetoric. Again, who is your handler, i.e., who are you working for? I would recommend caution along with excercising your Constitutional rights.

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