Video claims Black Lives Matter terrorists going door to door, raping and sodomizing men, women and children in “CHAZ” Seattle

Saturday, June 20, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Friday, June 19, 2020

A shocking new video has surfaced in which an individual claims his friend called him in a panic from inside the CHAZ war zone in Seattle, explaining he has witnessed horrifying acts being carried out by Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists while the Democrat mayor and governor stand by and do nothing.

From the video, shown below:

They’re going house to house now, kicking in doors… A concentration camp is now set up on American soil by Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Antifa, cross-dressing liberals, with Black Lives Matter and going door to door, kicking the doors in while people are in their homes. They’re telling people to pay reparations, to give them money, they’re looting their houses while the people watch and the kids scream, and there’s nothing they can do.

Today alone, 4,000 calls to the police came, and the police can’t do nothing about it because the liberal mayor won’t let them.

Meanwhile, men and women and children are being sodomized and raped by these liberal sissies. This is all very real and it’s going on today in an American city that has been overtaken by terrorists.

My friends, we cannot wait for the government to act, we must stop this. If they can get by with this in one city, they will do it again.
My friend said that he witnessed, looking down from his apartment, and he sees rows of men, some are dressed as women, queens, with Black Lives Matter, black men, coming up to people’s houses and if you resist, they’ll beat the crap out of you. Many people are bleeding today in their houses. Many people have lost everything in their houses. They’re made to pay reparations, what little they have is gone.

And your pride is next. My friend said he witnessed, he heard a man scream, he was with his wife and children, and the man told them to get out. They overpowered him and they raped him in front of his wife and children. That’s what’s going on in America. The black guy was saying we’re doing to you what you’ve done to us for years.

They are wreaking havoc and injustice in America. We have a Nazi concentration camp going on in the United States right now. Trump needs to send in the federal troops and open fire….

This is what corporate America is supporting! See the complete list of treasonous American brands and corporations that are now funding mass rape by terrorists known as Black Lives Matter.

This is what the tech giants are supporting, too! They are censoring all pro-America, conservative or Christian content, making sure Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other left-wing terrorists have a monopoly on speech. Many platforms like Twitter are being used to organize acts of terrorism on U.S. soil, and tech giants like Google are sending money to these terrorists groups to help them purchase weapons and other military gear.

The left-wing media is fully supporting these left-wing terrorists, of course, falsely calling them “peaceful protesters” while they carry out extreme acts of violence against innocent Americans.

I interviewed Stewart Rhodes today from He said he’s so frustrated with President Trump’s lack of action that the current situation in CHAZ Seattle looks exactly like what we would be seeing if Hillary Clinton were president. Why is Trump doing nothing while American citizens are being raped and sodomized by terrorists who have seized a U.S. city?

The FBI is siding with the terrorists, too! The media won’t report anything that criticizes black terrorists, so the public is being lied to.

Every person, church, corporation or media outlet that’s supporting Black Lives Matter is complicit in acts of terrorism, violence against women, rape and sodomy. This cannot stand.

6 Responses to “Video claims Black Lives Matter terrorists going door to door, raping and sodomizing men, women and children in “CHAZ” Seattle”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Any normal informed white Christian man right now, will automatically be FOR a 2nd ‘all white’ Confederacy. If you’re a white male and NOT for this, something’s wrong with you. Here are the components that make up the “normal equation” –

    1. White
    2. Christian
    3. Male
    4. With balls ( = non coward … will never ‘take a knee.’)
    5. With brains ( = fully informed and streetwise, not brainwashed. )
    6. Cares about family and country. ( = will do whatever is necessary to save self and family and country, including, if it comes down to it, the use of deadly force. )

    If you’re NOT missing any of these components … Confederacy 2 will automatically occur to you AND you’ll be 100 % for it, promoting it daily.

    So … if you’re not for it, and / or it hasn’t occured to you, and you’re not promoting it to everyone you can … carefully and honestly search yourself to see which of the above components you are missing.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Most are missing # 4. They hide their knee taking cowardice behind a BS line that America has 50 states and we have to vote our way and protest our way to victory to save the ‘whole’ of the country.

    Deep inside they KNOW that’s total BS. They KNOW America cannot be saved as a whole because our recent forefathers sat back and watched sports instead of keenly watching and controlling the political landscape of the country, and now we’re overwhelmed with OTW’s, ( other than whites, ) and 3 + generations of brainwashed white niggers thanks to gatekeeper positions everywhere having been hijacked. THIS is the baton we’ve been handed and there’s only one wise choice. Restructure America into 4 or 5 new Republics. OURS being A VERY ENLARGED SUPER CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY. The losers missing # 4 above know this. Let’s see if they get off their knees –

  3. laura ann

    Seattle and Olympia Wash. are trashed out cities, dumps run by leftists city gov. condoning anything.

  4. Jane dow

    The video is bullshit and ALL LIES. Ive been there. MY grandchildren have spent the night in the CHOP with their mother and attended rallies. She wouldnt have them around that shit for one second.
    Its he said she said bullshit and the media lies too. The so called warlord isnt even there half the time. Someone punch the IGNORANT prick in the mouth. Hes part of antifa and the problem. Trying to cite more violence. If anyone believes his verbal DIARRHEA your just as ignorant!

  5. Jane dow

    Why is his friend THE ONLY PERSON that has this version of what’s going on in CHOP? Not another single person OR NEWS STATION including those being beaten, robbed, raped and sodomized has come forth or reported on what hes claiming. NOT ONE!

  6. Jane dow

    The dude is a Jackass and obviously has low self esteem. How a person feels inside shows outwardly and that includes what comes out a person’s mouth. Trailer park trash!

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