Wednesday, June 17, 2020
By Paul Martin

Mac Slavo
June 17th, 2020

Rick Rule has dedicated his entire adult life to many aspects of natural resources securities investing. Recently, he sat down with Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group to discuss the big problems with the federal reserve. The central bank is counterfeiting trillions of dollars, and the outcome for everyday people will be catastrophically negative.

What the Fed is doing, when it creates money out of thin air is nothing less than counterfeiting. Rule says we will be the ones paying for it in the end too. What this amounts to is an “intergenerational transfer of wealth on a massive scale.” People who have voted themselves all of these benefits of counterfeiting are happily collecting. They are then leaving the bill for younger generations.

Watch Rule’s take on the current state of the Federal Reserve:

If you have ever thought about buying gold, the time is now. As Rule says, “a vote for gold is a vote against central bankers.” This is something we’ve been trying to get people to understand for months now. The central bank and the government are the system that they built to protect and enrich themselves. One easy way to leave their matrix by buying gold.

The real enemies of liberty and freedom are those in power, and those are the same people currently attempting to finish off the implementation of their New World Order. They desperately need your consent, so one goal would be to stop using their fiat currency and go to gold and silver.

As Rule explains, gold is one of the best ways for people to protect their personal wealth while ensuring they have some form of barter ability outside the rigged system.


  1. Robert Edward Lee

    First, Gantz is a cornball snake oil huckster.
    Having said that, Trump & team know what they’re doing. The fake $ will collapse and they’ll implement a new metals backed dollar BUT, we’ll take a hit if we don’t have silver & gold. They’ll likely do away with the IRS and student loans.
    Until it happens Trump and team BETTER HURRY and shoot out Stimulus II. All it needs to include are 1500. for each person, ( then never again, ) and extend enhanced unemployment, ( the extra 600. a week, ) till end of October. ( This keeps everyone safe through election cause they’ll be $ ok in early Nov if just got check that recently. ) They should clearly tell everyone, “This is it. No more AFTER this. America needs to ‘get a job.’

    Then …

    1. Laugh off Bolton. “Bondage Bolton.” Put it out there 🙂
    2. Get a massage. Play golf. Take a 3 day’er. Unwind. PRAY.
    3. Come back and KICK ASS. Starting with the terrorists (planet of the apes.)
    4. Go ALL OUT on arrests of CEO’s of big tech and big bank.
    5. Drain the swamp all the way. If you need to bring on more and better team members do so. Use the NSA and Fusion Centers to YOUR advantage. They know who everyone is and what they’ve been and are doing. Clean house.
    6. Stop chem trailing and 5 G.
    7. Pray hourly.
    8. Hold fireside press conferences weekly or bi-weekly.
    9. Bring Mark Taylor on one briefly ?
    10. Pardon Stone, James Alex Fields Jr., and fix the Flynn BS.
    11. Get people excited about new jobs and starting their own dream businesses. Remember … the swamp has twisted the phrase “The American Dream” to mean nothing more than going into 30 yr debt for a 3/2 cracker box 🙂 The American Dream MEANT – You come to America … you get any job or jobs. You look for a better job and get one. You then decide with your families, what dream business you want to start so you can become wealthy and free and all live together in America, ( and of course own homes. ) remind the sheeple of this. Pick up their spirits and they will pick up the economy, ( provided of course you bring industry back. )

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