SOLVED! We should build a wall AROUND CHAZ and see how quickly their “autonomous zone” turns into a cannibalism fiesta while selling pay-per-view rights to the world

Tuesday, June 16, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Monday, June 15, 2020

Let the Hunger Games begin! We’ve finally found a new economic opportunity for downtown Seattle. The solution to the CHAZ / CHOP “autonomous zone” created by soy boy left-wing commies-in-training who think they know how to run society is simpler than you think. We don’t need to send in the troops, and we don’t need to use any sort of police force. First, we invite anyone who wants to leave the zone to exit peacefully, then we build a wall around CHAZ and cut off the water and power grid while enforcing a blockade to halt any deliveries to the zone.

Next we set up Hunger Games cameras all around the zone in a kind of “Truman Show” reality TV event, then we sell pay-per-view access to the rest of the world. Voila! Seattle suddenly has a thriving economy, which means insane libtard left-wing terrorists actually can contribute something to the economy after all.

With the real-time video streams rolling, we let the commies stew in their own filth for a few days, absent any assistance from the rest of the world that they have rejected. After cholera and coronavirus spread through the “resistance” fighters there, we cut the power grid.

Everybody who watched Die Hard knows that the FBI playbook involves cutting the power and phone services to any building that has been seized by terrorists. Why not apply the same strategies to the CHAZ / CHOP zone in Seattle? It’s not even difficult to achieve. The power grid can be cut from outside the zone, depriving the CHAZ terrorists of electricity, since any “autonomous” nation should have its own power grid, right?

You also cut the water pressure, just to make it really interesting. You want autonomy? Try autonomy without plumbing, dipsh#ts.

Once you cut off the water pressure, the toilets stop flushing. So the Black Lives Matter terrorists end up sh#tting in the streets, which would make Ilhan Omar feel so much at home that she’d probably want to move there and become the first ambassador from CHAZ.

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