Hundreds of looters RANSACK a Walmart in Tampa, Florida and make off with merchandise worth over $100,000

Saturday, June 13, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Arsenio Toledo
Saturday, June 13, 2020

On the night of May 30, a Walmart on East Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, Florida was ransacked by hundreds of looters. According to surveillance videos released by state authorities, the looters made off with more than $100,000 worth of merchandise. The incident happened during the height of the rioting and looting wave that swept across the United States after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) released the footage on Thursday, and deputies and officials from the office are asking the public to help them identify any of the looters caught in the surveillance footage who swept the superstore clean.

According to a statement made by the HCSO, the mass looting incident occurred at around 9:10 p.m. The targeted Walmart was closed as a precaution due to the wave of rioting and looting sweeping the country, but several individuals armed with blunt instruments such as hammers were able to force their way into the store by breaking the glass at the entrance.

In the surveillance footage, waves upon waves of looters, many with covered faces, were seen racing through the Walmart’s aisles, grabbing valuable merchandise. By the end of the footage, the criminals were seen leaving the ransacked superstore – one man was even seen hauling off a large, flat-screen television with his bare hands.

HCSO detectives believe that approximately 200 people entered the store and participated in the looting. Walmart employees reported that the incident cost the store around $116,000 in property damages and stolen merchandise.

“Not only is this violence completely unacceptable, it was disrespectful to the protesters who were out there that night trying to express their message in an impactful way,” said HCSO Sheriff Chad Chronister.

“We are actively working to identify each and every one of these suspects and ask the public to provide any information they may have,” he added.

Listen to this episode of the Health Ranger Report, a podcast by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as he thanks police officers across the United States for working around the clock and doing their best to protect life, property and society as a whole during this wave of engineered rioting.

Looting and rioting to cost the United States hundreds of millions of dollars

According to the Anderson Economic Group (AEG), a consulting firm specializing in business valuation and market analysis, the looting and rioting damages in 20 of the country’s largest metropolitan areas will cost the country upward of $400 million. Their analysis covers the period of the worst rioting between May 29 and June 3, which means it may be safe to say that the overall cost of the riots and looting has gone up significantly since then.

AEG’s analysis includes property damage, stolen and damaged inventory, reconstruction costs and lost wages related to the closure of businesses. Their analysis only covered the private sector, and it does not include how much federal, state and local governments have spent over the six days of rioting.

In New York City, where many businesses were similarly damaged and looted, the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research believes that the cost in damages and theft will be in the tens of millions of dollars. The estimate takes into account the cost of the pilfered merchandise and what businesses will most likely need to spend for repairs, increasing security and insurance payments.

In the Twin Cities area of Minnesota alone, where George Floyd died and the riots began, the insurance industry is estimating that the claims will cost insurers no less than $25 million; however, this does not represent the extent of the damage done on Minneapolis and St. Paul. Local business owners and insurance experts have estimated that the overall costs of the damage could exceed $500 million, making the Twin Cities riots the second costliest period of civil unrest in American history.

2 Responses to “Hundreds of looters RANSACK a Walmart in Tampa, Florida and make off with merchandise worth over $100,000”

  1. laura ann

    And police do nothing, security people do nothing, so why pay them for doing nothing?

  2. Citizen Kane

    Hey…It’s only going to get worse. I’d rather have them hit Walmart and Target than our homes. Walmart has insurance. They’ll just write it all off. Mike Adams needs to stop licking the boots of the police. They are not, and never were, here to protect anyone except the elite. Everything about the justice system is corrupt. Cops, District Attorneys, Lawyers, Judges, etc., are just there to steal our hard-earned money and ruin our lives. I personally don’t care what happens to them. Don’t rely on the police to be there when they start hitting our homes. Do yourself a favor and arm yourself. Be prepared to use deadly force when they come to your neighborhood or become a victim that nobody really cares about.

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