Walmart sides with terrorists, pledges $100 million to fund very same groups linked to those demanding the mass murder of whites across America

Monday, June 8, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Monday, June 08, 2020

Doug McMillon, the CEO of Walmart, announced last Friday that his company will be joining the virtue signaling mob in pledging $100 million towards the fight against “racial violence.”

All of this cash, McMillon stated, will be put towards an effort to “address systemic racism in society head-on and accelerate change,” though no further specifics were given as to how this boatload of cash might accomplish that goal.

In an email he sent out to company employees, McMillon stated that Walmart needs to do its part to combat a mysterious plague of racism that has suddenly come to the forefront of society with the George Floyd case.

“The global health crisis has tested all of us in recent months, and the racial violence in the U.S. – in particular, the murder of George Floyd – is tragic, painful and unacceptable,” McMillon wrote.

Not only is Walmart “changing,” according to McMillon, but so will society at large, at least if Walmart has any say in the matter. The company is planning to “invest resources and develop strategies to increase fairness, equity and justice in aspects of everyday life,” he explained.

It does not appear as though Walmart will be changing any of its suppliers to avoid selling high-profit Chinese products that are made with slave labor. Instead, the company is going to do the next best thing by creating “a new center on racial equity,” the goal of which will be to “support philanthropic initiatives that align with the four key areas” of the “financial, healthcare, education and criminal justice systems.”

“The center will seek to advance economic opportunity and healthier living, including issues surrounding the social determinants of health, strengthening workforce development and related educational systems, and support criminal justice reform with an emphasis on examining barriers to opportunity faced by those exiting the system,” McMillon revealed.

Walmart employees told they have to “authentically and more deeply” comply with new social justice directives

The rest of McMillon’s email reads like most of the other emails you have probably received from corporations over the past week, all of which are trying to outdo each other in sounding the “bravest” and most supportive of radical leftist causes like Black Lives Matter.

It would normally be something to shrug off as just more empty virtue signaling followed by society going right back to normal. But in this case, Walmart is also demanding that all of its employees agree to “authentically and more deeply” abide by McMillon’s call for change within the Walmart corporation.

“As an associate at Walmart, you are expected to truly, authentically and more deeply embrace inclusion,” McMillon says. “We must work together to actively shape the culture to be more inclusive and not just accept our differences but celebrate them – all the time – within every team.”

At no point in McMillon’s email did he address the litany of violence that has occurred at the hand of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, which continue to tear up America’s cities, destroy businesses, and even attack and kill innocent bystanders. All of this is apparently part of the social justice “cause” for greater “inclusion” and “equity” throughout society.

“Easy to commit that much money to something that doesn’t exist,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter, referring to the fictitious notion that black people are somehow not afforded the same equal rights under the law in 2020.

“I am getting the impression all of these ‘donations’ are creating a slush fund for the soon-to-be arrested traitors to use in their attempt to avoid justice,” wrote another in speculation.

3 Responses to “Walmart sides with terrorists, pledges $100 million to fund very same groups linked to those demanding the mass murder of whites across America”

  1. SF Mo

    That mysterious plague of racism is called BLM looters and rioters you dumb fucks.

  2. It would make a more profound statement if Walmart guaranteed every one of its employees a middle class wage or salary. Hundreds of millions of dollars made off the slave labor of Chinese factory workers and store employees earning little more than minimum wage and then given out to various pet causes does nothing to elevate the lives of Walmart employees.

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Good people perish for lack of info ? Attention 90 % of small business owners : Grow a brain ! One the main reasons Amazon etc kicks your butt is … drum roll please … THEY ATTRACT ALL THE AFFILIATES. YOU DON’T.

    What you need to do is, create an affiliate program and market that program to all hustlers out there.

    Joe Blow starts a website selling outdoor stuff. he doesn’t have anything. He hooks up with Amazon and drives traffic to them and when someone buys Joe gets a %. Now all affiliates HATE possessed Jew Bezos cause he keeps keeps keeps lowering the commission they get when they send a buyer. His attitude is, “I needed you in the past but don’t now so I’m gonna screw ya.”

    Whatever YOU sell Mr. Business owner … there are a TON of hungry hustlers out there waiting to drive TOO MUCH traffic your way.

    This is how to make America great again. Drive all the business to small business and away from the new religion practicing freaks. BUT the minute you join the “I’m not racist” religion … it’s over. You’ll lose good hustlers. And you’ll deserve to lose them.

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