Black privilege reigns supreme in the USA, but it’s the progressive Left that demeans blacks more than anyone else

Sunday, June 7, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Sunday, June 07, 2020

The way we know that black lives matter more than white lives in America is because when a cop kills a black man, the whole world riots. But when a cop kills a white man, it doesn’t even make the evening news.

In this article, I reveal how the progressive Left pushes “black privilege” in a demeaning, condescending way that is an insult to black people everywhere. I also expose the rank hypocrisy of the progressive Left and how its own thought leaders are the ones who treat black people like low-IQ, sub-human animals who they consider to be incapable of functioning in civil society in a reasoned, intelligent way.

Finally, I explain why conservative thinking is the true tolerance, for it is a merit-based society that sees the world without skin color, or bias or discrimination. When everyone competes on a level playing field based on merit rather than skin color, race becomes irrelevant. But that’s not the world the intolerant, bigoted Left wants to create.

The intolerant, bigoted Left wants to push a world of “black privilege” while absurdly claiming all people should be treated equally. You can’t have equality when the entire left-wing sector of society demands we judge people by the color of their skin.

“Black privilege” allows black people to carry out serious crimes of destruction and looting that white-labeled groups could never get away with

Black privilege is now so prominent across America that Black Lives Matter groups are free to carry out riots, arson, looting and even assault on innocent civilians without being stopped or arrested by police. When black groups march toward a police precinct, the police evacuate and surrender the entire building to be burned down by rioters. In the rare circumstances when black protesters are arrested, the political leaders of the city universally set them free the next day, without any charges, even if they carried out acts of extreme property damage and theft.

By comparison, no white-inspired protest group would ever be allowed to burn down buildings, loot retailers to their heart’s delight and take over police precinct buildings. These privileges are only reserved for Black Lives Matter. White-looking conservative groups would be immediately labeled terrorists and condemned as “racist” by the media, which would emphasize their irresponsible looting and property damage behaviors, instead of celebrating them like we see with black-inspired groups.

Isn’t it interesting that in our “progressive” left-wing society, white people are condemned for destroying private property while black people are celebrated for it?

That’s because when violent black rioters commit felony crimes of arson, assault and violence, it’s all characterized by the media as “peaceful” demonstrations. But if a group of white people did the exact same thing, they would be immediately labeled “violent extremists” or “terrorists,” or even “white supremacists.” When black mobs carry out crimes of mass destruction, the media covers for them, inverting reality and claiming the entire event was “largely peaceful.”

“Progressive” left-wing society demands unqualified people be placed into positions of power based on the color of their skin rather than merit

Black privilege is also evident in academia and finance. As a mechanism that claims to help make up for centuries of oppression, when black people apply for loans or grant money, they get extra special consideration because of the color of their skin — black privilege. When they apply for college admissions, they get extra points for black privilege, even while Asian-Americans are punished by those same colleges and universities for being too academically gifted. (Yes, nearly all the universities in America routinely discriminate against Asians, assigning “Asian penalty points” to their college admission scores.)

Black privilege allows black people to be granted extra consideration on corporate board positions, advances in law enforcement positions and, at times, a relaxation of standards in professional careers that essentially allow many black people to attain professional positions for which they weren’t yet qualified. It’s demeaning and insulting, of course, for an all-white corporate board to seek out and recruit a token black person to join their board just so they can all lie to themselves and claim to be in favor of “diversity.” Yet this is what the Left demands: Token black representation across corporate America, demanding that black people be used as human props to achieve the correct ratios of melanin in positions of power or even in professions of science, medicine and engineering.

The entire process is demeaning and insulting to every one of the very capable black Americans who have rightfully earned their positions of influence or entrepreneurship or talent. There are a great many capable and even brilliant African-American doctors in America today, but thanks to the black privilege demands of the progressive Left, a spell of doubt is cast across all black doctors, effectively labeling them all with question marks that cause patients to quietly ask whether their particular doctor earned his position or was granted it due to black privilege.

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