Involuntary Socialism has been INVOKED in America by the “DCSG” Democrat Communist Socialist Governors

Sunday, May 31, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Sunday, May 31, 2020

If you didn’t notice yet, we are living under socialist order in the blue states dictated by communist governors. All signs of the new world order are apparent, and if you don’t believe it, visit just about any U.S. state where the governor is a Democrat, and nobody even voted for it yet. Well, they did, but they didn’t realize it at the time. The “new normal” is quite abnormal, compared to living the American dream. That is over and there will be no going back to “normal” if Bill Gates and George Soros keep all their pawns in check (governors who bow down to the ring and will do anything for money).

The Constitution is being hung by its neck in the gallows while the peons and paupers all watch in horror

It’s involuntary socialism. There are really no other words for it right now. Americans have no rights to protest peacefully, they must come out bearing legal, fully-loaded automatic weapons and keep their smart devices rolling video live the whole time in order to even have a voice. Then that’s all banned from mainstream media, unless George “Nazi-Sympathizer” Soros’ cronies (think Antifa and Black Lives Matter here) stage and start a fight, which they’re all too cowardly to do in that environment of peaceful, yet fully prepared, conservatives.

Nobody can hug, shake hands, or even see each other’s faces anymore. That is all illegal. Practicing religion is illegal too. Ministers are being arrested for leading their churches in prayer, even in cars. The first amendment is also completely dead. Just go online and type in anything pro-Trump and you will see … nothing.

There are massively long lines at all the corporate food “outlets” just like Bernie Sanders prayed for and pushed for. In America, “non-essential” means non-corporate, so the Democrats can wipe out all small businesses.

Most small businesses are bankrupt, shuttered, or about to be foreclosed upon by the very banks and Democrat politicians that snookered and embezzled all the stimulus money and blocked the PPP small business aid (think secret lunches with lobbyists and corporate gurus).

Parents are being handcuffed at parks for holding their own children’s hands, and Dads are being hauled off beaches for throwing the ball with their sons, meanwhile these same Democrat Governors are getting caught in public, with no masks on, and not keeping social distancing of 6 feet, as their “laws” dictate and declare.

Ralph “Black-Face & KKK supporter” Northam is making everyone in Virginia wear masks in ALL stores, and outside if not exercising, starting Friday, May 29th, or he says the health department will come set you straight.

Yes, Black-Face Northam says it’s not law but he’s written as law so you CAN be arrested, sent to jail, and fined. Ruined for life because you didn’t bow down and kiss the ring of your Socialist-Communist Governor who doesn’t follow any of the rules or laws he writes for everyone else.

Here’s the communist freak in public this past weekend in Virginia Beach with NO MASK and NOT adhering to social distancing rules HE made.

When asked about the punishment for not wearing a mask in stores or in public when “not exercising,” Ralph “Black-Face” Northam had this to say, “Violating an emergency executive order is a class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.”

Big Tech is censoring everything ONLINE while the lockdowns censor you in the 3D world, installing involuntary socialism in Democrat-run US states

Funny how you can’t catch Covid-19 in any corporate stores, but only small-to-medium-sized businesses, huh? Even if every small business made sure to wear masks and space out the customers by 6 feet, they would still be shut down, because for Socialism to work, the government must completely destroy the middle class, especially people who run their own businesses. You are being censored into submission, in the streets, the stores, the parks and online, all at the same time.

Republican Virginia Senator Amanda Chase says you do NOT have to wear a mask and that you should defy the Governor’s order and say you are defending the Constitution. If you feel that a mask in any way affects your health (it limits your oxygen intake and breeds bacteria, for example, which is very bad), then you are exempt from any ordinance requiring face covering usage in public. Take that!

Abnormal is the new normal, and you wouldn’t know by going online and searching for the truth, because it’s all being deleted and trashed and banned by the Tech Giants. They all need to shut down. Trump must seize their domains! The election is getting rigged for the Left, and you are told to stay home, stay safe, and stay broke, begging for your government to save you with a bail out check or two.

It’s become so insane, that here are some new Covid-19 “facts” to double think:
– The virus can travel exactly 6 feet, but not 6 feet 1 inch or greater.
– Most masks don’t even work anyway, so just make your own from a bandanna or kitchen dish rag and just poke holes in it for breathing purposes (N-95 masks are only for Democrat politicians and globalists, so don’t even think about buying one.)
– Covid-19 can live on all surfaces, except anything that comes from Amazon.
– Covid-19 does not live in Target, WalMart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or any grocery store.
– It is only deadly in bars, restaurants, small businesses, hair salons, pet groomers, and especially churches and religious gatherings.
– It cannot live on your food as long as you get it to go.

Weird how smart Covid is that it knows which surfaces to infect, huh? Stay tuned to for the kinds of guns you’ll want when the real kinetic resistance kicks in, as the War on the Constitution gets waged like a second Civil War in America.

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