SELCO: I’ve Seen Where This Leads. It Will Only Take ONE SPARK to Lead to Devastating Chaos

Saturday, May 30, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Selco Begovic
May 30, 2020

The pejorative term for police officers here is “dogs”. You have a different pejorative word for that.

I know a lot of “dogs”.

Dogs will pull you over while you are driving a car and hold you while he found something wrong about your car, then he tries to write you a ticket, but slowly, suggesting that ticket is for example 100 USD, but you can avoid it by bribing him with 20 USD.

Dogs also will come on your 911 call, for example, for a domestic violence call, but they park their car in front of the building and wait for the violence to calm down. Then they come in and talk with the family, trying to purposely inform the victim (the woman, for example) that it was nothing, and that she kinda deserved it.

Dogs have their own “workers” on the street here, small-time criminals or drug dealers, who work under their protection, dealing drugs, or guns, and paying the dogs a percentage.

Dogs here work their job in their shifts, and after their regular hours, work for local drug lords, gun dealers, or simply for organized crime members as a protection or information source.

Then there are the kind of dogs who are police simply because they like feeling of power over other folks, they like to bring power over other people through the uniform of police. Right or wrong does not mean anything important to them. It is about a feeling of power. It is about doing violence because of the love of violence.

That makes them dogs.

And yes, I have seen regular prewar “dogs” turning to war criminals in war. It is that kind of person who ends up being the worst kind actually.

Actually, to simplify it more, it is about what kind of person you are. If you are a bad person, the uniform and “law” behind it can simply strengthen evil in you, or in other words, it can pull the evil to surface.

Then there are police officers.
Police officers are usually people who joined to make a difference. Or to “serve and protect”.

I know a lot of them too.

People who wear uniforms of police, usually underpaid, under-equipped, and immobilized by a whole set of rules and laws that are often contradictory. These people are just trying to do their job, and even more than that, they are trying to make a difference.

I have nothing than the highest respect for them.

The generalization that all cops are “dogs”, or all cops are police officers who serve and protect is very wrong, just like any other generalization in these hard and “interesting” times.

I do know that a man who should be highly trained must know that by obstructing breathing, and blood flow to the brain for a few minutes will for sure kill a man.

The protests
Protesting is a way that people try express their feelings in an effective way to try and make changes.

The problem here is that protests usually go in some weird direction, so you could find yourself easily in a situation where you go out carrying a cardboard sign with a good)message, but in a half-hour, you end up in the middle of a crowd that is breaking and looting, and you as a prepper simply do not want to be there.

Simply do not be there.

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