MN Gov. Walz: We Estimate 80% of the Rioters Are from out of State

Saturday, May 30, 2020
By Paul Martin

30 May 2020

During a press conference on Saturday, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) stated that the “best estimate” is that 80% of the people rioting in the state are not from Minnesota.

Walz said, “I want to just be very clear, as I said earlier in the week, this is not about saying, oh, this isn’t us, it’s everybody from everywhere else. We understand that the catalyst for this was Minnesotans, and Minnesotans’ inability to deal with inequality, inequities, and, quite honestly, the racism that has persisted. I am not denying that. But what we’re at right now — and we’re trying to get numbers on this. And I will try, and what I’m asking the media to help us on, we’re going to start releasing who some of these people are. And they’ll be able to start tracing that history of where they’re at and what they’re doing on the dark web and how they’re organizing. But I’m not trying to say that — I think our best estimate right now that I heard is about 20% is what we think are Minnesotans and about 80% are outside. So, I’m not trying to deflect in any way. I’m not trying to say there aren’t Minnesotans amongst this group.”

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2 Responses to “MN Gov. Walz: We Estimate 80% of the Rioters Are from out of State”

  1. White Scooter Trash

    This shit is all fake. They want to take your guns so they can bang you with chip dope. Brought to you by Soros.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Trump needs to ‘think like a general’ in certain situations. This is one. There are “2” swamps. he’s dealing with the main one. The head of the snake. But here we have the ‘body of the snake’ or … swamp 2. Aallll the Antifa and worst of the black species of human … with a few extremely dumbed downed self hating brainwashed white losers. This “crowd” of scum WILL KEEP POPPING UP EVERY TIME SOME BAD COP DOES SOMETHING TO A BLACK. Since we KNOW that’ll be about once every 1 to 2 years or so … we KNOW this is what we can expect each time.

    So … what should he do ?

    Ok … this “crowd,” has a very low IQ and moves on “instinct.” They KNOW enough whites have been brainwashed to have fake stupid “white guilt,” which is a big joke for too many reasons to cover in a comment box. This “crowd,” sees us as weak milk toasts who can be conquered by THEIR low IQ psychology !!!!!!!!!!!!! That should make you sick and ashamed of US. The ONLY thing they understand is strength and not kissing ass.

    This “crowd” needs to be dealt a very powerful military blow and long prison sentences and deportations. They need to be labeled terrorists and deported to Africa. NSA etc., knows who each one of these freaks are. Grab em … deport em … arrest / convict em … then see how many ever want to run their 50 to 70 IQ mouths, or I mean … moufs again.

    This is a WAR and oddly very much like Planet Of The Apes. Conquer the APES … or ALLOW them to conquer us. Choose.

    And here’s a guy that’s at LEAST got a solution conversation going …


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