Donald Trump puts Army on four hour notice to deploy to US streets for first time since LA riots in 1992 as 19-year-old demonstrator is shot dead in Detroit and Minneapolis erupts for fourth night while violent George Floyd protests sweep the country

Saturday, May 30, 2020
By Paul Martin

Soldiers in North Carolina and New York must be ready to move in to Minneapolis within four hours
It’s the first time powers have been evoked since LA 1992 riots over beating of Rodney King by officers
Violent protests demanding justice for George Floyd spread across US last night including to Detroit
Man, 19, shot dead in Detroit by susepcts who pulled up in a vehicle – police were not involved in shooting
Looting breaks out in Minneapolis as protesters defy curfew and the National Guard fails to keep control
CNN headquarters in Atlanta are under siege and protesters throw a smoke bomb at police defending it
Protesters surrounded a police precinct in Brooklyn where an NYPD officer throws a woman to the ground
White House in Washington forced to go into temporary lockdown as demonstrators try to scale the walls
Black man George Floyd was handcuffed and pleaded for air as officer pressed knee on neck in Minneapolis

30 May 2020

Donald Trump has put the Army on notice to be deployed to US streets for the first time since the 1992 LA riots as Minneapolis erupted for the fourth night and violent protests intensified over the killing of George Floyd.

A 19-year-old protester was shot dead in Detroit last night, while soldiers in North Carolina and in New York have been ordered to be ready to move in within four hours and troops in Colorado and Kansas within 24 hours.

Police said the man was killed after shots were fired at a crowd of people near Detroit’s Greektown entertainment district last night with dozens of protesters out on the streets, but officers were not involved in the shooting.

The suspect pulled up to the crowd in a Dodge Durango and fired shots at around 11.30pm, and the man was pronounced dead in hospital. No details about who fired the shots were immediately available, police said.

Crowds took to the streets in the city after former officer Derek Chauvin was charged with murder over the death of Mr Floyd, a black man who was handcuffed and pleaded for air as an officer pressed his knee on his neck.

In Detroit last night, officers – many in riot gear – confronted the protesters in the Michigan city and formed lines across streets. Dozens of arrests were made and police said many were not Detroit residents.

By midnight, the crowd had thinned considerably as police shot canisters of gas toward the protesters. The demonstration began earlier in the day and was peaceful as protesters marched by Detroit Police Headquarters.

‘We know that the individuals from outside the city of Detroit who converged at the protest location don’t represent this city,’ Police Chief James Craig said. The number of arrests and injuries is not yet available.

The move to put the Army on a short-term notice comes after the US President asked Defense Secretary Mark Esper for military options in tackling the escalating civil unrest spreading across America, according to sources.

Overnight, Mr Trump also commented on a tweet by Former Democrats for Trump about how Minneapolis was ruled by Democrats, saying: ‘Time for a change! #2020’, which was retweeted more than 25,000 times.

It comes as violent protests demanding justice for Mr Floyd spread across the US last night, with the CNN headquarters under siege in Atlanta, New York police officers fending off rioters from a police precinct in Brooklyn and the White House forced to go into lockdown as demonstrators tried to scale the walls.

Looting and fires broke out again in Minneapolis as protesters defied the state curfew and the National Guard failed to keep the city under control.

The protests have now reached all corners of America with break-off demonstrations springing up across states including New York, Kentucky, Texas, Georgia as the arrest of the white cop who knelt on Mr Floyd’s neck has done little to quell the anger over the black man’s death.

Chaos exploded in Atlanta as demonstrators stormed and destroyed the CNN headquarters and fired a smoke bomb at cops trying to form a barrier to keep them out.

In New York City, shocking footage showed an NYPD officer hurling a female protester to the ground in Brooklyn, while officers defended a police precinct amid fears it would be torched.

The White House was forced to go into temporary lockdown as protesters tried to scale the walls, battled with Secret Service agents and burned American flags outside the seat of the government.

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  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Trump needs to stop listening to pansy advisors. The blacks don’t vote republican anyways. This is the time to drain the Antifa / Black hood monkey swamp once and for all. Full military in every city take off the gloves use real ammo and bring in The Apache Attack Helicopters. This is war !!! Our country is divide and we need to make it official.

    These gorillas are emboldened because whites sit back and kiss their 75 IQ butts !!!! BACK TO AFRICA WITH THEM. They’re terrorists and need to be deported to Africa.


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