SHUT THEM DOWN: It’s time to end the tyranny of Big Tech censorship in America

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The tyranny of Big Tech is now on full display in America as Twitter has unleashed an army of so-called “fact-checkers” (i.e. left-wing propagandists) to place fact-check labels on the tweets of President Trump.

“Fact-checking” is just the excuse for tech giants like Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube or Facebook to interrupt the communications of conservative or pro-Trump users with radical left-wing propaganda messages. The very idea that a tech company led by communists and radical left-wing socialists could claim a monopoly on “facts” is absurd. No one has a monopoly on facts, and the entire fact-checking fiasco of the Big Tech ecosystem has boiled down to politically targeted censorship run by radical left-wing propagandists who are truly mentally ill in the fact that they actually believe their delusions are an accurate map of reality.

But it’s more than mere propaganda. It’s election rigging. It’s a violation of the civil rights of millions of Americans. And it’s almost certainly a type of criminal racketeering and fraud that should be aggressively prosecuted by the DOJ as well as Attorneys General across the 50 states.

Now, for the first time, after years of censorship of Trump supporters, the President himself is finally vowing to do something decisive about Big Tech tyranny. He tweets, “Twitter has now shown that everything we have been saying about them (and their other compatriots) is correct. Big action to follow!”

What “big action” could that be?

If Trump wanted to resolve this problem literally overnight, his best option is to seize the domain names of the tech giants and force them to respect the First Amendment or be shut down.

Why President Trump must SEIZE the domain names,,,,, and many more

The politically-targeted censorship of the tech giants mentioned above is, of course, criminal and fraudulent. It is election rigging, for starters, and Robert Mueller’s prosecution of so-called “Russian” content farms has already proved that the DOJ can charge tech companies with “attempt to defraud the United States of America” by interfering with elections.

All the left-wing tech giants are guilty of election rigging, which means they’re guilty of criminal fraud. The CEOs of the tech giants are not merely criminals but enemies against humanity:

But that’s only the beginning. In many cases, their politically targeted censorship is coordinated with the left-wing media. CNN broadcasts a segment demanding Facebook ban a certain channel, and Facebook complies. YouTube and Twitter usually follow in concert. This is coordinated, malicious de-platforming that’s almost always conducted for a political purpose: To silence a pro-Trump voice and thereby alter the landscape of public debate in order to eliminate Trump in the next election.

Without the freedom to speak, there can be no “fair and free” elections… all elections are null and void

Democracy, of course, cannot survive without the freedom to think, and the freedom to think cannot exist without the freedom to speak. The very idea of “fair and free” elections depends entirely on people being able to debate and consider a variety of ideas circulating in public forums such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Without the freedom to speak, there can be no fair and free elections.

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3 Responses to “SHUT THEM DOWN: It’s time to end the tyranny of Big Tech censorship in America”

  1. Robert Edward Lee


    PS : You can tell a tree from it’s fruit. You can tell a show from it’s guests. “Proctor” wrote a book on The Constitution. Yet says he’d wet on himself and let (((them))) give him a poison shot if they came to his door.

    The phrase “paper tiger” comes to mind. Other words too like fake, phony, and milk toast.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Trump also needs to stop this “contact tracing BS” in it’s tracks. That’s a deep state tool that will derail us.

  3. White Scooter Trash

    BTW this contact tracing was deployed before we knew about this Kosher 19 bullshit.

    Hey man ya want a solution for big tech spying on you ? Take your 4G and 5G phone smash it with a hammer and toss it in the shit can where it belongs with the CEO’s.

    DO NOT bring the phone with you. Leave it at home. This is why Batman Billy wants to spike you with his hot fix so you can be traced without the phone.

    The 6 foot social distance is to make it easier to identify cell phone users mac address and GPS coordinates.

    No one is talking about Telcom. They are a big big problem and many of these towers are weaponized. you will find the patents for these weapons there. Also

    You can track down the corporations that transmit off these towers. Do a search in your area. I would highly recommend NO wireless connections and use only hard wire connections.

    Most important loose the damn phone. It is your enemy.


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