Democrats Will Sacrifice America to Win a Presidency

Monday, May 25, 2020
By Paul Martin

By William L. Gensert
May 25, 2020

The Dems will not allow any semblance of normalcy to return until Trump and recalcitrant Republicans in the Senate agree to bail out Democrat-run states facing fiscal insolvency. Democrat socialist policies have left states like California and Illinois with unsustainable pension obligations and exponentially growing deficits too dear for a shrinking tax base to sustain.

Buying votes ain’t cheap.

Yet why would citizens, prudently residing in red states, acquiesce to paying for votes Democrats have bought in the past and wish to purchase in the future?

They would not unless forced to.

Democrat governors, in particular Newsom (Calif.), Pritzker (Ill.), Murphy (N.J.), and Cuomo (N.Y.), are like terrorists, unwilling to release their states from lockdown unless they get their ransom.

The heck with the little people, the deplorables who refuse to see. They need to be shown the error of their ways. Should they perish in the process, they brought it upon themselves with their constant pleas of “I beg of you, let me work” and “I need to feed my family.”

Pelosi, with her three-trillion-dollar dream bill, demands just shy of a trillion dollars for state and local governments — you know, as a gift to balance their books. This is the crux of her ask: bail out liberal mistakes and bad policy, or they and their minions in the media will counsel the wisdom of remaining closed indefinitely while blaming Trump for the all the misery.

Certainly, should she get her state bailout money, all of Nancy’s other demands will slough away like all the dead skin she leaves on her pillow every morning.

Pelosi is no dope. She knows that with a trillion dollars, Dem states can jump right into the double-down-circle by buying votes for the 2022 midterms and 2024. In a way, however, in getting the dough for the states, she will be ceding the 2020 presidential election to Trump. She thinks that is an artful deal Trump will make.

She would be betting that with the help of media, she can hamstring the president with investigations and false narratives long enough to neuter his second term, while the shameless Dems can throw around so much money buying votes to guarantee her party the Senate in November or 2022 and the presidency in 2024.

She wants us deplorables, to understand that if we want our country back, we will have to pay for it.

Democrats believe they hold the trump card and are determined to play it. Intense, unrelenting hatred of the president, as well as an all-consuming lack of respect, have led leadership to an epiphany: they think Trump can be extorted into sacrificing our future to purchase his today.

Despite always underestimating the man, it is true that Trump is most proud of his stewardship of the nation’s economy. They believe they can negate that success by remaining closed and killing the country.

If we lose a war with China, so be it. It will not make Nancy Pelosi any less comfortable in her estate, Sanders will still have his three homes, and Feinstein can rehire her personal Chinese spy.

Having ceded the jewel in his crown of presidential achievement to fight the Chinese pandemic, Trump cannot trumpet his economic prowess to the electorate when the economy is not growing and people are suffering. Many believe he would still win re-election against an addle-pated Biden and the lockdown Dems, who have a record of sending elderly mothers and grandmothers to certain death with their nursing home policies.

Yet California alone can sink this economy merely by doing nothing, and Newsom can maintain his alibi by professing, “Every life counts.”

If Trump wants his growing economy, the price is budgetary surrender to Dem state demands to support their ongoing profligacy.

The president, forever at the mercy of the near 100% media antipathy and its attending canard of illegitimacy created through serial scurrilous innuendo, while being battered by the very real suffering Americans have endured under the predations of the Xi-Flu, realizes that his once almost guaranteed re-election is now in jeopardy.

Democrat states like California have mutated into antebellum secessionists.

Yet, the civil war this time will be between lockdown states, almost exclusively run by Dems, who make decisions about people’s lives based solely on political calculations and open-up, Republicans, who want to give Americans a shot at pre-Xi-Flu normal lives.

The right understands that people can evaluate risk and make rational decisions on going back to work.

There is a chance free states will flourish to an extent that Dem states’ lockdown play will become an obvious loser. Grow enough soon enough, and Dem governors will fold. Then we can hope that by November, the economy will be strong enough to re-elect the president.

Yet if wishes were nails, the Chinese would have long ago bought all the world’s hammers — with the Democrats cheering them on.

Democrat overseers will make us pay to be free. They do not understand suffering, and they like control. They know not the absolute terror of being afraid you cannot pay your bills or feed your children.

All Democrats are like Barack Obama, whose hardest day was when there was not a Marine available to hold his umbrella.

Oh, the horror…

They do not care what happens to us; they care only about being in power.

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