Attention American Veterans: You Have Not Fought Your Last Battle for Your Country

Monday, May 25, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, May 25, 2020

To all veterans, I want to join the rest of America and say thank you for your brave service. However, as this article and Part Two of this series will point out, you veterans are no done defending your nation.

Are we as a nation “dead in the water”?

Some people think that America has won some kind of great victory because Fauci and the DOJ are issuing warnings across the country to Democratic mayors and governors that they need to back off the people’s constitutional rights. Where has this been? In 10 weeks, our country has been destroyed. Our economy is in ruins, suicides are off the charts, our military is losing its ability to wage a long-term war against China and Russia, and America is showing very low signs of life in terms of defending our way of life. So why would globalists like the Bill Gates bootlicker, Anthony Fauci tell the Democratic leadership to backdown against the people? The answer is simple: Some of America was beginning to show small signs of life and temporarily backing off could prevent a small awakening from turning into a populist revolution like what we are seeing in Hong Kong. But instead of 300,000 people in the streets in Asia, America might put 100 million people in the way of globalist policies of control. Fauci’s move, as I stated yesterday, represents the “pause” technique, frequently employed in both physical and psychological torture. This fall, there will be a second wave of oppression designed to crush what is left of the American spirit before the American genocide begins.

Although I strongly support the notion that we should be fighting for our country, there is another important battle that we have all but ignored. Please allow me to say that there are more important things to save than the United States. Hosea 4:6 states that ” my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge…” The primary goal of our movement should be to awaken as many people as possible in order to save their souls, not solely to save their country. Yes, we can still alert people as to the physical dangers so they can avoid them (ie mandatory vaccines). However, avoidance of the totality of the coming calamity will be short-lived. The United States is firmly and fully under attack, it is just that most of our people are too ignorant to recognize this irrefutable fact!

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2 Responses to “Attention American Veterans: You Have Not Fought Your Last Battle for Your Country”

  1. Dave

    The United States was already a walking corpse before this BS pandemic was rolled out; the real pandemic is apathy, ignorance, malaise, and COWARDICE! The corona virus is the typical ‘fall guy’ shoved up our assholes by the regular assholes parading around our nation as LEADERS, of which we have none (leaders), we have just a bunch of felonious flunkies on the take at the level of absurdity. Abject absurdity. These Bastards and Bitches operating this shit-show mafia from gubbmint at all levels, the treacherous banking apparatus, the corporate hierarchy, the military/security mass murder apparatus, etc., etc., have DOOMED YOU, YOUR CHILDREN, AND YOUR CHILDRENS CHILDREN, and now everyone is running around afraid of each other with dust masks and bandanas wrapped around your dick-suckers, while the aforementioned scum of the earth laugh their asses off at you right straight to the bank. The real issue of import, ladies and gentlemen, is a matter of life and death (for most of you death), and hinges on a most important of important commodities which we have squandered in a fugging orgy of gimmeism; gimme gimme gimme more. Liquid energy, oil. The rate of consumption of this commodity is abhorrent. It is being made into ‘unobtanium’ for the bulk of the world’s population. Fracking was a fucking scheme that is done. The United States is foreign oil dependent, and we have no capital, collateral, or national wealth with which to purchase it going forward since the rest of the world has realized we are a paper tiger with promises we NEVER KEEP. God bless America? You’re out of your mind America. God blesses a nation that it’s women have murdered 10’s of millions of babies in the womb? Really? God blesses a nation that has murdered with its military 10’s of millions of innocent men, women, and children around the world? Really? Know what I think America? You’re on your way to HELL – ON THE EXPRESS ELEVATOR.

  2. Jon

    Spoken like a true truth teller.


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