Von Greyerz: The Global Forest Fire Is Here

Friday, May 22, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Egon von Greyerz via GoldSwitzerland.com,
ZeroHedge,comFri, 05/22/2020

It drives you absolutely mad to see a whole world living a lie. How can anyone believe that the fake world the Fed and their fellow central bankers have created has anything to do with reality.

We have fake money, fake markets, fake companies, fake banks, fake interest rates, fake income, fake pensions, fake social security, fake wealth, fake bail outs, fake buildings, fake holidays, fake cars etc which create false lives for most of us especially in the West.

All these fake material values have also created false moral and ethical values.

So you might ask how can it all be fake when we can touch it, use it, or experience it. For people who don’t understand that it is all fake, let me say that we will all soon realise how fake it was. Because many of these things that we perceived as real were all an illusion.

An illusion is defined as “an act of deception” or “something that produces a false or misleading idea of reality. And that is exactly what we have been exposed to. The world had been deceived but we have all believed that it was real.

There is a perception in the world that things will continue as they are and that the Deep State is going to control us all in a totalitarian world. What few realise is that the Deep State or Powers That Be are going to lose control totally. They are totally dependent on the world in which they can control everything through debt and the fake monetary system they have created. But let me make it clear that this fake system is about to implode.

Before the crisis which has just started is over, global debt, derivatives and unfunded liabilities (medicare, pensions) will virtually all disappear. We are looking at sums in the quadrillions of dollars. How much depends on how much extra debt is created before it all implodes. As the debt goes to zero, most of the assets that were financed by the debt will also lose 90-100% of their real value. This is when the world will discover that all these things we thought had a real worth are actually worthless.

In this scenario, the ones in control of the money will have lost their power since the printing press has stopped functioning, and money has died. Also, after the collapse of the present monetary system, leverage will disappear and any financial institution will only lend what they have in actual deposits as was the case when banking started 4000 years ago.

This dystopian system is difficult for most of us to imagine since it would lead to a very different world. It is possible that instead of the whole system coming down in one fell swoop that it happens in stages over an extended period. But I fear that things could go very quickly. What is clear is that the world is now starting a secular decline that’s never been seen before and this on a global basis. The first stage of this decline has now begun and will be totally devastating for the world. However incredible this scenario appears, it is the only possible outcome.

The falsity of the current system will soon become apparent. Let’s take some obvious examples of what this false or misleading idea of reality means.

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2 Responses to “Von Greyerz: The Global Forest Fire Is Here”

  1. Bob

    Gold is going nowhere. Like everything else, it’s also an illusion.
    But before everything collapses, they’ll pull their final Trump card… the One World Currency. That will hold the world together for a few extra years.

  2. War Profit

    Anyone who has been to war, studied war, can plainly see where we are headed.
    Trade wars, which we are seeing, chemical plant explosions and other soft targets being hit for several years now, bio-terrorism,world wide lock downs on travel and military movements and or posturing.
    War is coming.


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