In Latest Escalation, President Trump Blames China For “Mass Worldwide Killing”

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden
Wed, 05/20/2020

A day after the WHA approved a resolution authorizing a WHO-led investigation to the origins of the coronavirus in China, President Trump just lashed out at China’s state-approved conspiracy-peddlers who are desperately trying to convince the Chinese people that the virus didn’t come from China – but actually originated in the US.

The rhetorical tit-for-tat between the US and China has intensified in recent days, as the White House lambasted President Xi’s promise to share a vaccine “with the world” and pump $2 billion into the WHO’s effort to help the poorest countries as a “token” gesture to try and obviate China’s obvious culpability.

Trump and many members of his administration have bashed the WHO for uncritically accepting information provided by the CCP – despite having an office on the ground in Beijing – and writing glowing reports praising China’s early response while the government knowingly withheld information that could have inspired a more stringent response.

Instead, the organization hemmed and hawed, playing down the virus’s destructive potential, and celebrating China’s response as “a model” for other developing nations.

4 Responses to “In Latest Escalation, President Trump Blames China For “Mass Worldwide Killing””

  1. Dave

    Blah blah, blah blah blah blub blub bluh booboo blah bloob blah blah. Still talking about the virus? Why aren’t we talking about the fraudulent criminal pumping of the equity markets? The counterfeiting by the Fed? The bailing out of private corporations run into the ground by criminal management, with public funds? Why aren’t we talking about the fraud that is ‘fracking’ and the deception that the US is energy independent? Fraud fraud fraud, corruption upon corruption upon deceit upon scam upon degeneracy incarnate this describes Amurica today. The consolation is that since we are predicated on lawlessness today at the very top, we will experience a phenomenon developing as we speak I call ‘trickle-down lawlessness’. Get ready Nancy, get ready Diane, Wimpsy Grahamcracker, get ready Fauci, Hillary, you’re going to be eaten alive DIRTBAGS!!

  2. Dave

    You go Don, tell those dastardly rotten yella-bellys who be da boss Big Don. You let those 1500 million Chinese we comin. We don’t need those stinking rotten Chinamen making our Marines their Marine costumes, and socks, and underwear, and t-shirts, and watches, and phones, and computers and humvee alternators and starters and armor plate and boots… We are great again so we gonna make all that ourselves in our big factory towns. Now let’s sail on over there to Chinatown withour

  3. Dave

    With our mighty navy and xtra well fed morbidly obese sailor boys and girls and beat those scrawny Little Chinamen and their 350,000,000 man army into submission!! YEAH GO MURICA GREAT AGAIN GREAT AGAIN.

  4. Dave

    Good fugging luck Donny boy.


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