The COVID-19 Destruction of America Is the Not the End Game

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I don’t like writing a series of articles similar to what I am about to embark upon. It is easy to write about the fraud behind the counting of the COVID numbers and the inflated number of reported deaths. It is all a massive fraud and I have written dozens of articles exposing the fraud. What I have not exposed is what I know to be true, but I am enormously uncomfortable revealing this because of the coming criticism.

We are not at war with just physical enemies, we are at war with principalities of evil. The COVID crisis is merely a means to an end and it is only the beginning of the takedown of America as we know it.

Many of us are locked into the belief that we are in a war between our need to be free and to provide for our families. However, there is much more going on beneath the surface. Yes, our economy is destroyed, our military is subsequently weakened, our death curve has spiked and it is not because of COVID, it is because of the fact we are not getting medical screenings and in general, not taking care of ourselves due to COVID restrictions.

America is a defeated nation. Many of you are not comfortable with me saying this, however, I am less comfortable writing this. However, the conquering of our nation is not just happening in the physical realm, it is now happening in the spiritual realm as well and this is where the real threat comes from. Bill Gates doesn’t just desire to get rich off of his coming, untested and unsafe vaccines. He is part of the globalist cabal that seeks to reduce the human population by at least 90%! Do you think the sterilizing properties contained in his 3rd world country vaccines are an accident? Gates is a typical globalist and he is about money and power and he and Fauci are calling the shots for our government in this crisis. Trump has stood down and is only expressing token resistance and is doing nothing meaningful to stand up for you and me.

To those of you that understand your Biblical history, particularly in Genesis, this series will not surprise you, but instead will deepen your understanding on how Satan is trying to destroy humanity before the Second Coming. The Biblical literate crowd understands the meaning of Demons, Fallen Angels, and the Giants. To those of you that are Biblically ignorant, these writings will seem quite insane. Remember, “my people people perish because of a lack of knowledge”.

COVID 19 is not about controlling an illness as much as it is about destroying a culture. The American economy is gone! Our need to be social creatures is is destroyed by the concept of social distancing. This is the most effective psyop in the history of mankind. The MSM local newscasts contain the same elements, night after night after night! First, there are the respects paid to first respondersby the broadcasters. “These are our heroes and our lockdown has meaning” says the news media. Before COVID, the news reported nothing but bad news. But there has been a shift, Heart-warming and tear-jerking stories dominate the news and at the end of each story is an admonishment to “social distance”. Then, the over-stated, fear-porn, COVID numbers are presented. Then is is followed by a commercial showing people in lockdown having fun. Show a little weather and then repeat the pattern. The names on the new stories may change, but the story is the same.

Remember, six corporations own 98% of the media and they are uniformed on many points ranging from being former friends of Epstein to establishing global governance. In the latter process, they see to destroy America and ultimately want to destroy the human race. We are all too aware of the plot on the physical plane with our 33% unemployment. The Deep State and their Democratic Party minions are behind the unnecessary lockdowns. All that we have built as a nation is gone. However, what most of us are missing is the spiritual warfare that has been thrust among us.

The evil entities, mentioned in the Bible, are hard at work to destroy America and ultimately the human race. Satan would like to have controlled our soul. However, they were not able to crack the code and they are left with one option, genocide. Is there any indication this is what is coming? The answer is a resounding yes. Satan plans to commit genocide against all those that cannot be converted away from their Christian faith. And under the cover of COVID 19, it appears that these plans are moving forward with great rapidity.

I wish to begin this series with a summary of several letters I have received in the past four months. In this first communication, it is clear we are talking about constructing a massive prison system, stocked with guillotines.

This communication came on May 18, 2020.

“Dave a little heads up, this is interesting. I’m a flat bed truck driver, in just the last week every ounce of re-bar in the country is headed to Denver, CO and I don’t mean small stuff. I’m not talking about #3, 4, and 5 bar, I mean super heavy duty grade 60 and 70 big stuff. It would denote a very very substantial Capitol works project. Do you know of any in Denver right now? I have 49,000# of grade 70 41′-6” x #9 (1.128 inch) bar. One truck after another after another. Something really substantial and really rugged is being built and you and I can’t see what it is. Also, freight volume and rates have UTTERLY COLLAPSED, the larger trucking operations still running must be being backstopped by some entity for now to keep the illusion alive that all is well. Trucking companies are heavily heavily dependent on commercial lines of credit for day to day operations and it’s all coming down buddy. What I see on my day to day travels driving is utter collapse. Mass starvation and unfathomable chaos will reign by this time next year.

From the following communications and others like, it is clear that a deep underground prison system is being constructed at the Federal Center in Lakewood, CA. This communication arrived on March 20, 2020.

“Dear Dave,

I have to be vague because I do not want to have to be discovered. But I can tell you that at the Federal Center in Lakewood, CO., we are constructing a deep underground prison. The material coming in is happening at night. However, it is massive and it is not normal. Why would the government need a massive underground prison to incarcerate people? It is 100% underground…..

This communication came to me in February of 2020.

“Hello, I wanted to tell you that I have been delivering parts from my truck to the Federal Center in the Denver area. I have been picking up shipments from a base that I am not going to identify for apparent reasons. I have been driving these loads to the Federal Center in Colorado. I have been given explicit instructions to not look at the cargo. When I arrive on site, the truck is taken from me and I hang out at snack room and in about an hour, my truck is returned.

In my last trip, and I do not care who believes this story, I had an opportunity to look at the cargo. I had issues with my truck not riding correctly so I opened up the back to see if anything shifted. What was strange was the shipping crates were not marked. I had this overwhelming fear that I was transferring drugs for someone in the federal gov. I was not going to be the fall guy so I opened one of the crates at a rest area. There were no drugs. There was an unassembled something. But I did not find drugs, I found a huge blade, a motor, pulleys. I swear I was looking at an unassembled guillotine. I counted the boxes and there were 20. That means I probably had transported around 100 of these to the Federal Center. I was recently called to do a delivery and I said I was too sick. Did you knw this shit was going on? I never want to drive again …

I know exactly what is going on because I know how this started. In 2009, I was contacted by two separate law enforcement officials, both of whom, I had known in my childhood. They had both been part of a drill run by DHS in two different locations in the state of Colorado during that last so-called “pandemic” in the H1N1 scare. The drills took place outside of 1-25 outside of Trinidad and on 1-70, west of Grand Junction. In this drill, volunteers would be pulled over in a DUI type of roadblock. The driver would be asked for permission to scan their arms for a biometric sign that they had received required vaccinations. The scanning device was fake at that time. There were chase cars stationed on the flanks to run down evaders. If the occupants of the car refused to test positive for mandatory vaccinations, they were offered an opportunity to correct their oversight and take the vaccines. If they refused, the men were forcibly taken from the car and boarded on one bus, women on another and children, regardless of gender, were put on another. In actuality, nobody got transported. The intent of the drill is very obvious.

I had actually interviewed the late Greg Evensen on this event. He was very much aware of it. At the time of the drill, there was no serious talk of mandatory vaccines. There was no talk of a biomarker scanner to detect if one had taken the required vaccination(s). However, today, the internet is filled with these discussions.

Please allow me to set the tone for this presentation: America has been conquered, but not yet occupied. Resisters will indeed meet their end in camps and guillotines will be the enforcement mechanism. Evidence for the domestic tyranny that is about to be unleashed on the country is everywhere. I want to emphasize that I do not like writing this story. Although there is a enough information to go forward with this story, it is such a paradigm shift, people will not believe it. I have not learned what will be in the vaccines, but I remember the research on the attempted H1N! vaccines. The adjuvants contained in each injection, were voluminous. They were permeated with squalene which attacks the central nervous system and could cause premature death.

If one thinks that collaboration will yield favorable results from the new powers that be, think again. There is no doubt in the minds of people I speak with that a cocktail of substances like squalene will be injected into your body, change your DNA, change you mentally and attack your central nervous system over time. It is an injection for short-term control and long-term premature death.

The two law enforcement people I knew that participated in the 2009 Colorado event were horrified and said they would not participate in a live event under these circumstances.

In the process of researching information related to this series, I learned that the proposed contact tracers are part of this process. In the old days, we knew there was a red list, a blue list, etc of people that would be done away with in a takeover of the government by the very forces that are emerging in this tyrannical lockdown of America. I have learned that contact tracers will not be contact tracing for CV-19. Rather, they are trained intelligence gatherers. They will be coming to your door. They will be seeking information about guns and attitudes. An uncooperative attitude will one day get you put on a bus. I was told that Christians are being targeted as well. So are journalists like myself. Contact tracing is an attempt to update the Red Lists.

The lockdowns and the subsequent loss of rights and economic catastrophe is not the end game. We are preparing to enter the Tribulation, the Mark of the Beast unimaginable hell on earth, until Jesus returns.

When I started researching this topic, I set out to disprove it because I did not want to believe it. However, my research produced the opposite results. I will be presenting my findings in the next few installments.

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  1. Stewart Best (5/19/2020): CV-19 — The Fraud that Destroyed the World

    “…Right here in [Revelation] Chapter 18 we find out some important information concerning the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH and the witchcraft spell of CV-19 that they cast upon the Earth. The words we need to look at are: MERCHANTS, GREAT MEN, and SORCERIES. It explains why CV-19 has been so successful and why humanity has bowed down to it. The whole thing is both REAL but also a TOTAL OCCULT SPIRITUAL EVENT. Satan is at the head of this entire thing, as he really is the OVERLORD of the MATRIX, and the rich men are his dupes, we could call them CONTROLLERS…”


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