Setting The Stage For Phase 2 As States Deploy National Guard For Contact Tracing (Video) – Spiro

Thursday, May 14, 2020
By Paul Martin

MAY 14, 2020

Setting The Stage For Phase 2 As States Deploy National Guard For Contact Tracing (Video) – Spiro

Several states are preparing to ease restrictions related to the Coronavirus lockdowns, other states have extended the lockdowns while a handful of states like South Dakota never imposed a statewide lockdown at all, why don’t we hear about this in the mainstream media?

Surely we would hear about these rogue states if there was a significant increase in the numbers of infected or deaths because the establishment would never miss an opportunity to justify the lockdowns and say see, we told you so, now get back in side!

All of this is taking place as many states across the country are beginning to implement their contact tracing programs. Several of these states are calling on the National Guard to assist in their contact tracing programs and training has already begun.

While it has been stated that the National Guard’s function is not a law enforcement role, their roll is Public Health Service, it must be noted that the very foundation of the contact tracing program is not only tracking every individual and their contacts, but isolating and quarantining suspected individuals who are infected.

So where does the line of law enforcement end? And the function of a Public Health Service begin? Only time will tell.

2 Responses to “Setting The Stage For Phase 2 As States Deploy National Guard For Contact Tracing (Video) – Spiro”

  1. laura ann

    Never let strangers in, don’t answer door or talk thru screen w/ door locked. Ask them to leave now.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    This is such a pathetic joke. There’s no way they can “efficiently and accurately” trace EVERYONE. It’s like we live IN a comic book story and flunkies are running things. America needs a white man to step up and TAKE CHARGE. Stop with the “equal” baloney and the “deferring” to others to not seem anything “ist,” or “phobe.” The multi culti equal sexes etc CRAP didn’t work. Somethings are TIMELESS like white Christian men need to be in charge and all the “lesser” need to get the frig out of the way. Especially at a time like this. America depends on it. The REAL solution is Confederacy 2 but of course no 🙂 “watchmen,” have balls to even mention so much as a peep about that. We have no watchmen on the wall. Only brainwashed wet noodle PC news hobbyists who cover whatever controlled media covers.


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