From RussiaGate To ObamaGate & The End Of Boomerville…”Obama is guilty of the highest crimes a President can be guilty of”

Wednesday, May 13, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog,
Wed, 05/13/2020

From the beginning of the story RussiaGate was always about Barack Obama. I didn’t always see it that way, certainly. My seething hatred for all things Hillary Clinton is a powerful blind spot I admit to freely.

But, it’s clear that Obama was always the vector through which the entire investigation into Donald Trump pointed. He’s the only one with the power to have marshaled the forces arrayed against Trump for the past four years.

We’ve known this for a couple of years now but there were a seemingly endless series of distractions put in place to obfuscate the truth…

Donald Trump was not a Russian agent.

What’s clear now is the President Obama’s administration was regularly engaged in illegally using NSA database access to spy on Americans and political opponents. This operation pre-dates Trump by a few years.

It was de rigeur by the time the election cycle ramped up in 2016. The timing of events is during that time period paints a very damning picture. This article from Zerohedge by way of Conservative Treehouse lays out the timing, the activities and the shifts in the narrative that implicate Obama beyond any doubt.

On April 18, 2016, following the preliminary audit results, Director Rogers shut down all FBI contractor access to the database after he learned FISA-702 “about”(17) and “to/from”(16) search queries were being done without authorization. Thus begins the first discovery of a much bigger background story.

And that’s when everything changed. Because at that point, having lost access Obama’s spy team needed another way into the NSA database. Enter Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele and the ridiculous dossier used to issue FISA warrants on Carter Page and all the rest of it.

The details are all there for anyone with eyes willing to see, the question is whether anyone deep in the throes of Trump Derangement Syndrome will take their eyes off the shadow play in front of them long enough to look.

I’m not holding my breath.

Obama is guilty of the highest crimes a President can be guilty of, utilizing Federal law enforcement and intelligence services to spy on a political opponent during an election. This is after eight years of ruinous wars, coups both successful and not, drone-striking U.S. citizens and generally carrying on like the vandal he is.

ObamaGate arrives on the verge of the real 2020 election season, now that the DNC has circled the wagons around Joe Biden hiding in his Gimp Cellar because they have no one else to run who isn’t pure Kryptonite, with Obama coming out of the shadows to attack Trump’s handling of COVID-19.

Rumors abound as to whether he can be Hillary’s running mate if Biden can’t run. Their echo chamber is desperate to build up his wife Michelle as the VP candidate.


Because this is Obama’s way of running for a third term without being on the ballot.

Trump has to destroy what’s left of the Left’s Last Messiah before we get into the campaign season or he will be dealing with someone his equal on the campaign trail.

Why else would Hillary back Biden after spending the past year trying to clear the decks for her triumphal return after they trashed Trump’s economy with a fake pandemic, and even faker impeachment trial based on an even less real accusation of him being a Russian agent?

She knows that it’s time they bury the hatchet, circle the wagons and get rid of Trump the only way they can now, at the ballot box.

Because if they don’t the generations-long project for global control by The Davos Crowd on their terms will evaporate as Trump goes on a vindication tour of DC.

These people obviously missed the key point about Goebbels’ Big Lie theory of propaganda. For it to work there has to be a nugget of truth to wrap the lie in before you can repeat it endlessly to make it real.

And that’s why RussiaGate is dead. Long live ObamaGate.

Obama’s people have been covering for him for nearly four years now. They have been exposed as bald-faced liars by the transcripts of their impeachment testimonies to Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee.

None of them were willing to testify under oath, and be guilty of perjury, to the effect that Trump was colluding with the Russians. But, they’d say it on TV, Twitter and anywhere else they could to attack Trump with patent nonsense.

Now that the heat is rising and the apparatus they used to control turns its attention to what they did, enough of them will roll over and give Attorney General William Barr what he wants. Some of them will fall on their sword for Obama.

But I don’t think Trump will be satisfied with that. He has to know that Obama is the key to truly draining the Swamp if that is, in fact, his goal. Because if he doesn’t attack Obama now, Obama will be formidable in October.

Both men are fighting for their lives at this point.

Trump was supposed to roll over and play nice. But Pat Buchanan rightly had him pegged at the beginning of this back in January of 2017, saying that Trump wasn’t like Nixon, he wouldn’t walk away to protect the office of the Presidency. He would fight to the bitter end because that’s who he is.

And here we are coming into the home stretch and the bitter end is staring these people in the face. They’ve lost all credibility, corrupted whole swaths of the Federal government beyond recognition and activated every resource they have in the media and the chattering classes to make manifest a bald-faced lie.

And it didn’t work.

Now the desperation sets in. The exoneration of Gen. Michael Flynn, the release of the transcripts and conflicting stories told by John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey and the rest all point to something beyond sinister.

You can smell the fear now. From Bill Kristol to John Brennan they can see the end of their project, whether it was for a New American Neocon Century or just the cynical push for a transnational oligarchy based around the European Union, their Utopian dreams have run into the immovable object of a people refusing to believe their lies anymore.

And if you look just a little farther into the future, once ObamaGate is behind us, one where Trump is re-elected you’ll see the end of something far bigger, the end of what I’m now calling Boomerville.

We’ve all been sucked into this fantasy of money for nothing and wars for free. That we can, as Ron Paul put it so elegantly for years, have both guns and butter.

Boomerville is that mythic image of a better world filled with unicorn farts and toxic egalitarianism and that we can issue endless debt we owe to ourselves to pay for it all.

It’s a Marxist world of power for power’s sake that lowers everyone’s status to that of worker drones while building them up to be heroes in a story only playing out in their own minds.

RussiaGate was the last ditch effort to kill off the Revolt of the Remnant, to take their Messiah, the Orange Jesus himself, Trump, and paint him as the worst thing possible.

They painted the picture that he was what they actually were.

And, by extension, us too. Those are fighting words folks.

It’s Alinsky 101, accuse your opponent of that which you are. Force them to defend themselves against the baseless and the false until they are either shamed into submission or crack under the pressure.

I warned for a long time that Trump wasn’t that guy. That his unique set of skills and personal faults — his vindictiveness, his narcissism and his disagreeableness — were his greatest strengths.

He could outlast RussiaGate and eventually turn it around onto the people who started it. And that’s where we are now. RussiaGate is now Obamagate and backed by an army who understand that his fight is their fight Trump needs to end this once and for all between now and November.

That’s where this ends, with Boomerville being over run by the Deplorables and the Resistance still trying to figure out why none of it worked.

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    You have an add for food for $99 for 4 weeks supply!
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  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Just imagine aalllll the “whites” that voted for this porch monkey !!! 🙂 Then picture aallll the dumb air headed “white” women that watch the female ape that talks !!!


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