The 11-step globalist SCHEME to destroy America

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The news is stressing Americans out to the max right now. People are starting to freak out. At least 100 million Americans literally believe the news that is posted on networks and websites that advertises pharmaceutical drugs with side effects like suicide, seizures, heart attacks and liver failure (think CNN and Washington Post).

Those same 100 million sheeple still believe the Democratic Party can help them, save them from Trump’s reign of terror. They still think Trump hates all immigrants, all black people, all women, all Arabs, all Jews, yet they’ve never seen one single video proving it.

Now the globalist psychopaths are running the Democratic Party, and the Left just can’t see it. Picture the round table, with all the social media giants sitting near Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Obama and the Clinton Mafia Cabal (with communist China on Google Meet). And these 11 topics are what they’re all plotting, and the end justifies any means, including mass genocide:

The Left’s 11-step SCHEME to destroy America

#1. Keep everyone on house-arrest until the November election, where all votes will be mail-in, and every Republican vote trashed, while all Democrat votes get counted (including repeats, dead people, illegal aliens and felons).

#2. “Test” everyone for COVID-19, use false-positive tests for all Republicans, then create a database for FDA/CDC/FEMA raids for human trafficking and political prisons.

#3. Make everyone register their guns so they can be confiscated during the COVID house raids that are “for your protection/isolation/quarantine” for anyone who legally has automatic weapons (so nobody will be able to fight the communist tyranny the Left wants to install).

#4. Close all beaches and parks so nobody can get any vitamin D from the sunshine, and “debunk” the fact that zinc supplementation may just be the best defense against COVID-19.

#5. Force vaccinate every American with a fake vaccine that literally gives you coronavirus so the CDC can claim anyone they want to has the virus and can therefore be captured and taken to FEMA prisons to die (Republicans and Independents who argue with, insult or deny the Left’s narrative).

#6. Silence all dissent to communism on the internet, including Google, YouTube, Fakebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all mainstream news (including every local newspaper).

#7. Make all religious worship illegal, so nobody has any morals, ethics or hope.

#8. Continue to make “examples” of citizens who break the fake “laws” and rules of social distancing in public places. This also includes arresting anyone for participating in legal, peaceful protests of the indefinite lockdown.

#9. Keep all small businesses shuttered and threatened with fines and jail time for doing business in any way, while all corporate businesses stay open and make a fortune.

#10. Foreclose on all homes and land of the middle class to eliminate anyone who functions independently of the police state Big Brother shadow government run by the insane Democrat governors and the globalists who tell them how to function every moment of their miserable shortened lives.

#11. Last but not least: Crash the economy and the stock market, then loot all the savings and retirement accounts for everybody by having a global financial reset where your money’s no good anymore (it’s called a currency swap).

After all of that, the formula is very simple, of course: Blame Trump for everything. Orange man bad! The news pundits and posers just point to orange man, and same goes for Saturday Night Live, just say his name and a vulgarity and crank up the laugh track real high.

Avoid the insanity by guarding your immune system, exercising, and reading independent, reliable news

You can avoid the insanity. Guard your immune system with your life (avoid things that diminish immunity). Don’t do stupid things during the COVID-19 crisis. Don’t get arrested for fighting with a Soros-funded troll from the Left. Don’t touch the grocery cart or basket and then touch your mouth, nose or eyes, without thoroughly washing your hands first.

Keep tuned to independent truth media that you’ve trusted for years. That’s where the best news is coming from. Tune your internet dial to for an unbiased take on what’s going down. We can all stop the Democrat and Globalist SCHEME to destroy America by voting all the goons out of office.

We scored big when Trump won. Now it’s up to the American people to help drain the swamp. Keep your organic food stocked, your supplements even more stocked, and keep those weapons clean. The hills have eyes. Here are some tips for preparing for the next virus lockdown.

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