DoJ drops case against Michael Flynn; now will FBI agents who entrapped him be charged?

Monday, May 11, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Monday, May 11, 2020

It’s been almost three long years, but finally there is some justice for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

On Thursday, the Department of Justice dropped all charges against Flynn, a retired three-star Army general and the first ‘legal casualty’ of the Spygate coup attempt against President Donald Trump, after it became apparent that he was set up by corrupt elements of Barack Obama’s FBI.

Fox News reported:

The Justice Department on Thursday moved to drop its case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, in a stunning development that comes after internal memos were released raising serious questions about the nature of the investigation that led to Flynn’s late 2017 guilty plea of lying to the FBI.

The announcement came in a court filing “after a considered review of all the facts and circumstances of this case, including newly discovered and disclosed information,” as the department put it. DOJ officials said they concluded that Flynn’s interview by the FBI was “untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn” and that the interview was “conducted without any legitimate investigative basis.”

The judge who is overseeing the case will have to make the final decision about whether the charges will be dismissed, but at this point there’s no reason to indicate that won’t happen.

Flynn has been trying for months to withdraw his guilty plea with the help of his lawyer, former federal prosecutor-turned-Justice Department whistleblower Sidney Powell.

Senate investigators suspect Gen. Flynn’s 302s were edited by McCabe, referred matter to IG Horowitz

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) June 7, 2018

In January, Flynn, through Powell, made the first attempt to withdraw his plea after the Justice Department “breached the plea agreement and operated with bad faith,” The National Sentinel noted, citing reports.

Obama knew about this setup all along

Federal prosecutors handling the case were angry that Flynn, who reportedly cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt probe, would not lie about a business partner, so they sought to impose a sentence on him in violation of a previous agreement.

But it was the damning evidence produced in recent days that finally turned the tide for Flynn. Handwritten notes by FBI agents sent by then-Director James Comey to interview the incoming national security adviser in January 2017 indicated clearly they were on a mission to set him up – to catch him in a lie so he could be fired or prosecuted.

Both happened.

“The handwritten notes — written by the FBI’s former head of counterintelligence Bill Priestap after a meeting with then-FBI Director James Comey and then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Fox News is told — further suggested that agents planned in the alternative to get Flynn ‘to admit to breaking the Logan Act’ when he spoke to then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the presidential transition period,” Fox News reported in a separate story.

How they planned to get Flynn removed:

1) Get Flynn “to admit to breaking the Logan Act”; or

2) Catch Flynn in a lie.

Their end goal was a referral to the DOJ – not to investigate Flynn’s contacts with the Russians.

What is our goal? Truth/Admission or get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?” one of the notes read.

“If we get him to admit to breaking the Logan Act, give facts to DOJ + have them decide,” said another.

Flynn did not ultimately admit any wrongdoing in the interview with the agents – one known to be former counterintelligence official Peter Strzok and the other believed to be Priestap.

“I don’t see how getting someone to admit their wrongdoing is going easy on him,” said another.

Still another note indicates that agents at least thought about the merits of doing a straight-up by-the-book interview: “If we’re seen as playing games, WH [White House] will be furious.”

On his way out the door – and no doubt intimately familiar with the coup attempt unfolding against Trump – President Obama ‘warned’ his successor about Flynn.

What he didn’t say is that he knew of the operation to take Flynn down, a general whom he didn’t like and had fired.

Now that Flynn’s been cleared, it’s time to go after the people who set him up.

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