Trump’s “zombie economy” scheme that pays workers to stay home and NOT work while small businesses get crushed is the dumbest economic experiment ever attempted

Friday, May 8, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Friday, May 08, 2020

The Trump administration is paying huge numbers of people more money to not work than they used to make at their jobs, so even as economies attempt to reopen, small businesses can’t find anyone who wants to work.

Why should they work, after all, when they’re collecting more money to not work?

How exactly is the US economy supposed to ever return to normalcy when workers are now being paid by the federal government to avoid working, even when jobs are available and small businesses are hiring?

“Businesses looking for a quick return to normal are running into a big hitch: Workers on unemployment benefits are reluctant to give them up. For some workers, unemployment benefits are now paying more than their old jobs did,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

We’re seeing this dynamic firsthand. The Health Ranger Store has now lost one-third of its temporary warehouse workers because they’re making more money sitting at home, collecting money from the government instead of actually working. These are people who quit their jobs to collect unemployment, and the federal government is so desperate to blast helicopter money across the country that anyone can collect unemployment benefits, even if they quit their jobs.

There’s zero policing of any of this by the federal government, so employees across the country are committing massive fraud by simply quitting their jobs and claiming they were laid off of fired. And we’re seeing the same thing across a multitude of industries, from food production and restaurants to landscaping and many others. Ultimately, the Health Ranger Store is facing the same dire choice that millions of other small businesses face across America: We now have to out-bid government unemployment benefits to entice anyone to come back to work. That means paying $20 / hour for entry-level warehouse workers, which means we’ll have to dramatically raise prices to cover the increased labor costs. The Trump administration has stolen our labor pool by paying people to sit at home and collect free money. This is the end of capitalism and the beginning of the total demise of small businesses across America.

The WSJ explains:

In Pittsburgh, Les Neilly, who co-owns a business that makes and sells residential awnings and tarps to trucking companies, said three employees he had brought back to work asked recently if they could work a rotating schedule with co-workers who were laid off, so they could take turns receiving unemployment benefits.

Do you see what’s going on? Employees are actually structuring “intentional joblessness” so they can collect federal benefits. This is happening all across the country, and it’s absolutely crushing small businesses everywhere.

As the WSJ adds:

Ilona Luce-Fina, who was laid off from her job as a bartender at the airport in Ithaca, N.Y., said she hopes her boss doesn’t call her back too soon. “I was crying at work to leave, but then as time went on and I did receive benefits, it was like, wow, I’m getting more than when I worked there,” Ms. Luce-Fina said.

Exactly. All across the nation, workers are discovering they will be penalized for going back to work.

This genius plan could only come from government, of course. And it’s the dumbest economic experiment since communism.

The Trump administration has embraced such extreme economic socialism that AOC might even blush

This “dumb-and-dumber” economic experiment might actually be consistent with the policies of government stupidity, since the Trump administration is paying investors not to invest (by having the Fed buy up corporate bonds), and paying farmers not to farm (price control farm subsidies), why not pay workers not to work? Soon, we’ll probably see full-blown communism on parade where factories are paid to not produce anything and airlines are paid to fly empty planes all over the country just to create the illusion of economic activity. Oh wait, that’s already happening.

It’s a zombie economy. No wonder the US Treasury is sending bailout money checks to dead people, then demanding the dead people send them back. If dead people can receive bailout money, there’s no end to this economic insanity. Where is Pat Buchanan on all this? If Obama was pulling the same shenanigans, conservatives would be losing their minds with criticism.

All this brings up the obvious conundrum that Trump has yet to face: To get America back to work, the government will sooner or later have to stop paying workers to not work. But how many small businesses will even still exist by that time?

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