California County To Remove COVID-19 Patients From Homes Based On ‘Living Situation’ — Will Place In ‘Other Kinds Of Housing’

Thursday, May 7, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden
Wed, 05/06/2020

Officials in Ventura County, California will be expanding coronavirus testing, tracking the infected and those who they’ve been in contact with, and moving people out of their homes and into specialized housing for COVID-19 patients.

Discussing the need to hire contact tracers and manage active cases, Ventura County Public Health Director Dr. Robert Levin said during a May 4 press conference that people who live in homes where they could expose family members to COVID-19 would be moved into ‘other kinds of housing’ provided by the county.

“We also realize that as we find more contacts, some of the people we find are going to have trouble being isolated,” said Levin. “For instance, if they live in a home where there is only one bathroom and there are three or four other people living there, and those people don’t have COVID infection, we’re not going to be able to keep the person in that home.

Every person who we’re isolating, for instance, needs to have their own bathroom. And so we’ll be moving people like this into other kinds of housing that we have available.”


The county walked back Levin’s comments on Facebook, responding that they “are not going to remove anyone from their home,” but that “If someone cannot isolate at their home because of their living situation we have alternative options available.”

Another Facebook user responded, “they can try — they will have a fight on their hands.”

Ventura county has had 595 COVID-19 cases, of which 416 have recovered, 22 are hospitalized, 11 of which are in the ICU, and 19 have died. Most cases are in those aged 45-64, while no data was provided on average age of death.

2 Responses to “California County To Remove COVID-19 Patients From Homes Based On ‘Living Situation’ — Will Place In ‘Other Kinds Of Housing’”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Listen up sheeple. China used Covid as an excuse to get rid of non kiss asses. With their social credit score baloney, they identified which people were NOT kiss asses. They then claimed those people had Covid19 and sent police to grab them and put them IN BIG FACILITIES FULL OF REALLY INFECTED PEOPLE SO THEY’D DIE !!! IN OTHER WORDS THEY MURDERED THEM.

    Is a certain area in California run by illuminati doing this same thing now … maybe as a test ? See … the fusion centers KNOW who each of us are and if we kiss NWO ass or not.

  2. White Scooter Trash

    Important surveillance info:

    Keep your cell phone at home all times. Your movement is being tracked via satellite. That is why they need the 6 foot distance. That physical space is needed to make it easier to identify the cell phone user. That is why they are so bent on social distancing. Get it ?

    Amerikans are ripe for the pickin. A bunch of soft servile pussies.


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