HUGE UPDATE: Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Used Imperial College Model — NOW CONFIRMED AS A COMPLETE FRAUD — To Persuade President Trump to Lock Down Entire US Economy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Jim Hoft
May 6, 2020

** Dr. Tony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx used the Imperial College Model to persuade President Trump to lock down the ENTIRE US ECONOMY.
** The fraudulent model predicted 2.2 million American deaths from the coronavirus pandemic
** The authors of the Imperial College Model shared their findings with the White House Coronavirus task force in early March
** Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx then met with President Trump privately and urged him to shut down the US economy and destroy the record Trump economy
** A new critique of the Imperial College Model finds the study is “completely unusable for scientific purposes” — The study is a sham
** Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx pushed a garbage model on the White House and the American public and destroyed the US economy

As reported weeks ago — in mid April Dr. Fauci admitted that it was he and Dr. Birx who persuaded President Trump to lock down the US economy knowing the massive destruction this would cause in jobs, lives and commerce.

President admitted that during a press conference in April that “two very smart people” came into his office and urged him to lock down the economy or 2.2 million Americans would die from the China virus.
But President Trump did not say who those “two very smart people” were.

President Trump: The big projection being that 2.2 million people would die if we did nothing. That was another decision we made, close it up. That was a big decision that we made. Two very smart people walked into my office and said listen these are your alternatives. And that was a projection of 1.5 to 2.2 million people would die if we didn’t close it up. That’s a lot of people.

Dr. Fauci later admitted he persuaded the president to shut down and kill off the US economy.

This guy has been wrong every step of the way.

Sheri Fink at The New York Times back on March 16, 2020, described the scenario that led to the US economic lockdown.

In her report Fink describes how Imperial College researchers including Neil Ferguson shared their projections with Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx and the White House coronavirus task force. They even sent a copy of their report to the task force before its release.

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2 Responses to “HUGE UPDATE: Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Used Imperial College Model — NOW CONFIRMED AS A COMPLETE FRAUD — To Persuade President Trump to Lock Down Entire US Economy!”

  1. Stan

    Hey Paul, you should speak with Dave about running a piece on this:

    Dr. Judy Mikovitz Exposes the Truth about Fauci

    In this video we hear how Fauci speak in the end of the video prior to Trump coming into office predicting a pandemic.

    Robert Redfield, current CDC Director, Robert Gallow and Fauci stole Mikovitz’s work and are all knee deep and all of this.

    Bayh Dole Act passed in the early 1980’s set up a corrupt government employees and government owned college scheme that allowed them to patent their discoveries and enrich themselves while we tax payers funded it all. This creates a conflict of interest and is now affecting the possible remedies for CoVid19!

    Bill Gates is involved on trying to sell the world on all getting vaccinated by vaccines he has invested in. Conflict of Interest!
    It’s disclosed that laboratories in North Carolina, Fort Detrick and Wuhan Lab were in collusion on studying the Corona Virus.

    It’s disclosed that Fauci’s organization NIAID and NIH conducted experiments in the past with the lab in Wuhan.

    Dr. Judy Mikovitz even admits she was working at Ft Detrick where she was part of a team that “taught” EBOLA how to infect humans and that prior to this, we humans could not catch it.
    How they are packing the CoVid19 numbers by adding what could be benign deaths into the CoVid count.

    How the Medicare pays doctors $13,000 for each CoVid death and $39,000 if they were on a ventilator!

    In Italy the elderly were given an untested, new form of the flu vaccine that had four different strains of influenza plus highly pathogenic H1N1.

    We learn in this video that Hydroxychloroquine is getting a bad rap mostly because Fauci and big pharma can’t patent it and cannot enrich themselves, so anything that may show promise will be maligned.

    Even AMA aid they would pull a doctor’s license for prescribing it.

    Fauci and all of the other talking heads are first interested in making money by denying drugs that may show promise in hopes they can come up with new ones that may be patented.

    We learn in this video that having the flu vaccine increased the odds of getting CoVid19 by 36%. Flue vaccines contain corona viruses which makes it more susceptible to getting CoVid 19
    They discuss quarantining will ultimately harm us because of herd immunity is eliminated.

    Mask wearing can infect yourself with those corona viruses you already have

  2. Listening to it right now



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