Democrats Will Sacrifice Americans to Win the Presidency

Wednesday, May 6, 2020
By Paul Martin

By William L. Gensert
May 6, 2020

We were first told we must “flatten the curve.” Then, as the curve flattened, they explained we needed to “test everyone.” That gave away the game. America is a nation of 330 million citizens victimized by the Chinese plague. To acquiesce to the new rules, each person would need to be tested not once, but probably at least twice or even three times. To accomplish this monumental task, we would need at least a billion tests. The amount of time necessary to produce, execute, and evaluate each test is not only incalculable, but unfathomable.

If that is to be the criteria, we will never reopen.

The census takes years to complete when all that is required are answers to a few questions. Or, as an alternative, grab a keyboard and time how long it takes to press the “space” key 1 billion times.

You see, the Democrat goal is to reopen not one day before November 3, 2020.

You know, Election Day.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you need examples, just look at Newsom, Whitmer, and Mills. No, they are not a trio of serial killers from the 1940s or a law firm hired by the Clinton campaign to set up Donald Trump. Nothing so glamorous — they are the United States governors of California, Michigan, and Maine, respectively. All three are in good standing with their party (D) and the media — and they have each succumbed to the maddening allure of their inner Stalin, demonically pursuing dreams of total control.

They are not the only ones. There is also Andrew Cuomo (D), New York State. He jumped into the national spotlight derby when he talked about his dear senescent mother and how America had to shut down because people like her were at risk. It was deft use of the airwaves to launch his bid to replace Biden.

Then he ordered nursing homes in New York State to accept COVID-19 infected patients, putting the most vulnerable of our populace at risk — to expected results.

This is how he killed other people’s mothers.

It is as if each state is trapped in a dystopian version of It’s a Wonderful Life where everywhere reigns a Mr. Potter trying to force us into Pottersville so we can be controlled and ruled. Forget Clarence, we are all George Bailey now.

It is not just our elected betters who have assumed the mantle of tyrannical ways and means detrimental to our well-being, or at least, thoroughly disconnected from rationality and any pretense of fairness.

Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook have all decided to restrict what the average man can and cannot hear or read. Control of information is the bailiwick of dictators. This particular Chinese bat zoonosis has fostered the worst millenarian instincts in our Democrat governors and social media. The latent tendencies were always there; all that was needed was a good crisis that they would not let go to waste.

It is elitism at its worst — because once we have been convinced that rule by the elite is necessary, it is a small step of minimal social distance, eagerly enforced, for them to acknowledge publicly to us plebes, that it is they who are the elite — and they should rule.

After all, they are the ones we have been waiting for.

Newsom, Whitmer, Mills, Cuomo, and Pritzker, as well as Lightfoot, De Blasio, et al., want to be seen as duly elected legitimate leaders exercising the will of the people — for their own good.

Yet, let’s face it, these little dictators, when they look in the mirror at night (after they have finished asking, “Are you talking to me?”), they see themselves as president. And not just any president — one drafted by a terrified populace with the understanding that survival depends upon their sage wisdom, astounding brilliance, and unequal bravery.

Like Obama, they long to be Lincoln, FDR, Wilson, and George Washington all rolled into one. Yet they cannot avoid their innate tendencies to rule rather than lead — to remind us little people, the smelly deplorables who are darn lucky to have them, to shut up and do as we are told.

Are they leaders or tyrants? Certainly, they are not leaders. But are they despots? One is reminded of Archie Bunker’s definition of a “hermaphrodite”: “too much of both and not enough of either.”

What they are is “company men,” doing their best to make sure America does not reopen one day earlier than November 3, 2020. They know what gets them paid, and they know they need to steal the presidency from a Donald Trump, who will not play their game. To gain the executive office, they must ruin the economy and bring misery, destruction and even death to as many Americans as is within their power to do so.

If people must suffer, if people must die, well then, it will be for a good cause: the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.

For Democrats, while the loss of one American life is a tragedy, the sacrifice of millions is an opportunity.

And Democrats, bless their hearts, never let an opportunity go to waste.

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