If you hope to survive the chaos that’s accelerating, you MUST be able to discern the difference between what’s REAL vs. FAKE … see this list

Monday, May 4, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Sunday, May 03, 2020

The fact that so many people are protesting in the streets without wearing masks reveals something to us that’s critical to understand: The people of America are having real trouble discerning the difference between what’s real vs. fake.

You can hardly blame them. The CIA-controlled mainstream media has been pounding their heads with so many lies and false narratives for so many years that unless a person spends hundreds of hours becoming an expert in spotting the signs of disinformation, it’s difficult for them to reliably know when they’re being lied to by today’s information gatekeepers. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false,” former CIA director William Casey is reported to have said in a February, 1981 meeting with President Reagan.

And true to the task, the CIA has since taken over the mainstream media, Wikipedia, Hollywood, Netflix, pop culture and the tech giants, making sure that nearly everything the American people believe is indeed a lie in one form or another.

Here’s a shocker of a video that will rock your world and show you just how completely you’ve been lied to by the U.S. government:

If you can watch the video above and still think your government is telling you the truth about “reality,” get ready to have your psyche brutally smacked down.

The tech giants control information in order to allow the puppetmasters to control YOU

Extreme censorship has disconnected people from reality, causing them to believe insane, bizarre things (like the idea that housing prices will never fall) while dismissing very real, true things (like the fact that nutrition is the key to preventing most disease).

When people act out of alignment with reality, they tend to get very poor results. Things go awry very quickly, in other words, when your actions diverge from the construct of reality.

Given the extreme acceleration of chaos we’re all now experiencing — which will only get far worse in the months ahead — it has become rather obvious that any who seek to survive the chaos must become masters at telling the difference between “real” and “fake.”

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2 Responses to “If you hope to survive the chaos that’s accelerating, you MUST be able to discern the difference between what’s REAL vs. FAKE … see this list”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    We need to close most over seas bases and bring troops home. Get our fat stupid nose out of everyones business and stop bullying everyone. Sell Hawaii to Japan. Help Japan and S. Korea to build hard defenses against China. Let China HAVE Taiwan ! You know … WHEN we create Confederacy 2.0 we’ll have to take most islands in the Gulf Of Mexico. Stuff happens. Make a deal with China. What do we get for shutting up while they take Taiwan ?

  2. Fossil

    Wake up mike! Your not Jesus….

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