COVID-19 Color-Revolution: California Declares Nation Statehood As Trump Moves To Quell ‘Mutiny’

Monday, April 27, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Joaquin Flores via The Strategic Culture Foundation,
Sun, 04/26/2020

Bloomberg published a stunning piece on April 9th promoting the secession of California from the U.S., in an op-ed by Francis Wilkinson titled Gavin Newsom Declares California a ‘Nation-State’, which resurrected John C. Calhoun in a neo-confederate argument favoring nullification.

Bloomberg is part a strategy to prevent Trump from a second term by way of legal means (election), and has now brought to the fore the spectre of secession or nullification. This does not mean we should normally expect some announcement by Governor Newsom that ‘The California Republic is an independent nation-state ’. Yet amazingly, it has been almost verbatim said in this way.

The Bloomberg article details how California Governor Newsom has begun using that term and also related legal constructions in discussing how California will manage the coronavirus response on its own.

Imagine an alternate timeline where Trump denied there was a significant threat posed by the coronavirus and adjusted policy to reflect that. After all, the mortality rate appeared very low compared to the infection rate. Then imagine that governors Cuomo and Newsom behaved similarly to how we’ve seen them perform over the past month or so. In fact, their behavior makes even more sense in our hypothetical, alternate reality. But imagine if their punches could land because there was some semblance of a reality that could support the barrage.

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2 Responses to “COVID-19 Color-Revolution: California Declares Nation Statehood As Trump Moves To Quell ‘Mutiny’”

  1. Dave

    I think California’s move towards secession is a fantastic idea, and I for one wholeheartedly support the States position. Also, once California has seceded, they no longer have any water rights to water supplies from the USA proper, and I would like to be the bloke that pushes the button that operates all of the SCADA controls to terminate the flow of water to our new neighbors, New California; has enough natural water supplies to support perhaps 3,000,000 persons? Hmmmm…. I’d also like to volunteer to be a team member on the interlocking machine gun fire teams along our new border sequestering our new neighbors as it dawns on them, they are going to dry up enmasse and in 3 or 4 days be piles of dust, farting out dust, making a stink that would reach Paris, France in about a week on the jet stream. Go New California go, you’ve got my support. It’s amazing how you can have such a massive concentration of abject fucking idiots in one area. Thank ya – thank ya very much.

  2. WilliamtheResolute

    Unfortunately Kalifornia has fallen to the Socialists through voter fraud. There are a lot of good Conservative Californians that are trapped and held hostage both politically and economically. I advocate supporting the patriotic California citizens and making sure the Blue city elections are purged of fraud. The entire political structure headed by Feinstein, Pelosi and Newsome is Globalist and will sell out to China before anyone knows what happened. The coming rift will see Chinese soldiers on American soil. Now is the time to indict these traitors and start the revolution.


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