Building A National ID Tracking System Under The Guise Of Covid-19

Friday, April 24, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Ken Jorgustin
Apr 23, 2020

thoughts from ” Dennis ” here on the blog:

I hope everyone is taking note of the push by so many of our “leaders”, both political and big tech, to create some form of national data base to identify and track folks who have had, or been exposed to COVID-19, and who they have come in contact with.

This my friends is the totalitarian “wet dream”. Saw this morning that Mike Bloomberg is offering to foot the bill for developing a tracking system for New York. Bill Gates has been pushing the idea strongly for weeks now.

Am I the only one who sees the potential (extreme likelihood) for abuse of such a system?

Remember the support and pressing need for the “Patriot Act” allowing eavesdropping on folks, data bases, etc. for our protection? How long did it take to turn that into a political weapon used to go after people Obama and the deep state saw as a threat to their goals?


Tracking ID Required To Re-enter Society?

Dennis is right. For weeks I have been listening to several particular people talk about this online, and reading about how this is coming about. Quite frankly, it is extremely alarming (to me) witnessing this happen right before our very eyes and under our nose. Tracking for every human within “the system”.

Already Google, Facebook, and other tech companies have “apparently” shared “anonymous” cell phone location tracking data with the “US Government” revealing whether or not people are staying at home under government “orders”. This is just the beginning. Oh, and, “anonymous”?? Ya right –

The push back has been minimal. Why? Because FEAR is being leveraged to the max right now. Politicians, would-be tyrants, and billionaires are advantaging the circumstances for maximum gain. Power. Money. Control.

The thing is, at this point, this moment, I believe they’ll succeed. Because MSM has successfully injected max fear into the people.

We are looking at a method of ID (identification). Initially, perhaps with the excuse that we “need” to identify those who will be allowed back to work – to integrate back into society due to Covid-19.

In my view, this may likely (soon or in the future) couple with a reset into a new digital crypto currency upon “reset” of our collapsing financial system.

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