How Long Will the Lockdown Last?…”a blind man could see that Trump has lost control.”

Monday, April 20, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, April 20, 2020

Where did it all go wrong for Trump? He has clearly lost control of his Presidency. He is pursuing meaningless witch hunts against China and that ship sailed a long time ago. The moment he endorsed America’s enslavement document deceptively entitled, Opening Up America, I knew Trump had been compromised. I don’t know the background details, but the evidence is in the disengagement witnessed in Trump’s verbalizations and his defeated and depressed body language. Just compare him on the campaign trail to what he is now. He is a thoroughly defeated man. America is now under Pharmacological Martial Law.

One could easily argue that his first three years in office constituted the biggest turnaround in American history. Trump saved America from economic ruin. He killed the globalists prized free trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific-Partnership which would have gutted the Constitution and our national sovereignty. He took on China and won, at least until they released CV-19. Trump forced the return of American owned manufacturing back into the country and the accompanying economic resurgence set national records.

Despite the liberal media labels that referred to Trump as a racist, a sexist and a homophobe, he lifted the lives of most Americans regardless of race and preferences. From my perspective, former President Trump did not prosecute the social media giants and he should have under Section 230 of the Open Forum laws. Further, Trump did not deliver on his promise to prosecute the Deep State criminals for their bad acts. The latter fact speaks to the fact that the President was at least partially compromised from the time he took over.

Americans, in ever greater number are waking up to the fact that they are playing in a rigged game. The ruse that has been thrown at the American people that our nation was working towards reopening is the single biggest lie ever perpetrated upon a people by its government. Some of us, not many, have awakened to the fact that the President is no longer in charge and is merely a figure head. The very moment that the Bill Gates loyalists from the CV-19 team decided that it was a good idea to fraudulently include “flu-like” symptoms in the Pre-Phase One along side the CV-19 infections as a determinant if a local government could proceed into the Phase One with less restrictiveness, I knew we were playing in a rigged game. I also came to the realization that Trump has been the victim of an internal coup. I have no details, but his body language and lack of the old feisty Trump speaks to the fact that he is not calling the shots.

On March 13, Trump declared a state of national emergency. I have written two articles which demonstrates that in our state of national emergency, the real power in this country has reverted to the Director of FEMA and the Surgeon General. When Trump talks about opening the country to packed stadiums for college football, and promotes the “poop sandwich” of the new COVID-19 guidelines which does not contain a path that will return America to normalcy, a blind man could see that Trump has lost control.

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