COVID1984: Where are we going from here?

Saturday, April 18, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Sergey Baranov
April 18, 2020

(INTELLIHUB) — Let’s skip the introduction. Everyone already understands that the world is in the greatest crises it has ever been before and we are heading towards the economic collapse that will kill far more people than any virus.

According to a number of sources, the mortality rate of COVID19 is varying somewhere between 5% to 15%, depends on the country. The majority of the people dying from the virus are known to have preexisting health conditions. From a million infected people, 50,000 to 150,000 will die. This, of course, is sad news. No one should die prematurely and everyone should be given a chance to live. However, if the lockdown continues until June, the number of deaths will probably exceed the number of deaths caused by the virus.

As of today, 22 million Americans have already lost their jobs in just one month of a shutdown. These 22 million people have families that together amount to at least 66 million people if every person has a spouse and at least one child. Families that no longer can be supported.

What do you think these people will do when they get evicted from their homes? Living in a car or under a bridge becomes their only option. You can beat the virus but you cannot bite despair and hunger. Hunger is by far a bigger threat. Economic collapse can and will trigger the disintegration of society. This threat is just as big as the threat of a nuclear war. These are the true monsters that should be feared more than a virus. A virus is a trigger of a bigger problem.

I agree with the measures of temporary quarantine but the quarantine has to have limits and after a certain time the people have to be able to choose whether or not they want to stay home and die from hunger or go back to work. Those who want to stay home should be able to do that just as those who want to go back to work should be able to choose that as well.

The majority of people are living paycheck to paycheck and millions of people already cannot pay their bills. Here is a chart that shows the extreme spike in unemployment in comparison to previous years.

The Great Depression was a horrific event that has forever left a scar in American history. Until today, it was the worse economic disaster. But today, in just one month of a shutdown, we find ourselves in a situation that is similar or even worse. We can leave the calculation to economists but common sense is telling us that an economic cataclysm is imminent beyond recovery if the ban on movement, work, liberty, and life is not lifted fairly soon. We are now forced into global bankruptcy, poverty, and despair, perhaps for the rest of our lives. Farms and food processing plants are shutting down. This will disrupt the food supply chain and cause starvation.

Starvation will lead to the loss of all morals in society and will lead to violence. Social unrest is brewing worldwide. All this can be avoided by simply ending the quarantine and letting people live their lives.

Now, let us take a brief look at the loss of our constitutional rights. The most disturbing news so far has come from Germany where authoritarianism is going through the roof and breaks all records. A German medical lawyer who criticized the coronavirus lockdown law was arrested and taken to a psychiatric ward, where she was violently abused by authorities.

Who in his or her right mind can agree that it is OK to arrest people and force them into a mental institution for merely an opinion they want to express? Are we back to Nazi Germany already? What is next? The unelected bureaucrats from the World Health Organization are now proposing a forcible removal of family members from their homes.

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