China’s coronavirus data is reportedly OFF by millions of cases as the Communist regime continues to LIE about the severity

Monday, April 13, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Monday, April 13, 2020

If the United States and the rest of the civilized world carries on business as usual with China after the coronavirus subsides, then we the people must seriously consider changes in leadership — at the ballot box, of course.

That’s because on a near-daily basis it is becoming clearer that the regime in Beijing is massively covering up the severity of COVID-19, which originated from one of the country’s disgusting wet markets.

A new report by the American Enterprise Institute blasted China’s coronavirus statistics, calling them mathematically unlikely while estimating that the real number of Chinese infected by the virus is closer to 2.9 million, or five times the country’s ‘official’ figure of 81,907.

“Population size makes it almost certain that China’s disinformation about what happened outside the original outbreak city of Wuhan is worse than the disinformation about what happened inside,” the AEI report noted.

Breitbart News added:

The report quoted figures from Chinese state media in January to demonstrate that the number of people who left the outbreak city of Wuhan and its surrounding Hubei province before the city and province were locked down – a wave of travelers consistent with the Lunar New Year season in previous years – would have infected far more people than the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims.

We also must consider that residents of Wuhan traveled throughout the country for the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, which officials did not initially limit until it became grossly apparent to them, and to the outside world, that they had a big problem on their hands.

And there is this: No other cities in China were taking any precautions when the travelers left from Wuhan because the ChiCom government was hiding the existence of the coronavirus and punishing doctors who discovered it and were trying to warn people about it.

Too many of Beijing’s lies have been exposed

As such, we are likely never going to know the true infection and death rates of the virus, let alone when it actually originated and how long it spread throughout the country. We do know it was about four weeks before Chinese authorities finally began to restrict travel from Hubei province, where Wuhan city — a ‘town’ of 11 million people — is located. And we now know how quickly the virus can spread in a four-week period, don’t we?

The AEI report also notes that Beijing has not revealed any details about how many people managed to leave Wuhan before the lockdown quarantine was imposed.

Using data from South Korea, which has been much more transparent about the virus’ spread, infection and death rates and was the first country to be hard-hit by the virus, AEI contended that for the official Chinese statistics to be accurate, the coronavirus would need to be less than half as infectious as the lowest estimate from honest epidemiologists. Also, the organization notes that for those figures to be correct, virtually no one from Wuhan would have been carrying it.

And neither of those assumptions are “reasonable,” the group said in its report.

“It has become common to hear assertions that Chinese cultural superiority enables arithmetic-defying results,” AEI observed. “Nonetheless, here is a bit more arithmetic: Merely the top four cities for the migrant flights from Wuhan in the state media article match Italy’s population. Henan’s population alone is 50 percent larger. In total, China ex-Hubei is nearly 23 times more populous than Italy.”

While our Washington press corps has been only too eager to assist the Chinese in waging their coronavirus propaganda campaign and even gleefully reporting that the U.S. has “more cases,” the fact is there is no way the Chinese did not suffer as many coronavirus casualties as we have, or other countries have, on a per capita basis.

There have been too many of Beijing’s lies exposed for us to believe anything they say.

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