Dems using coronavirus pandemic to launch MASSIVE effort to steal all future elections — we need national voter ID NOW

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Monday, April 06, 2020

The Democrats operate under the political mantra, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” which means, simply, ‘use such incidents to our advantage to push through agenda items that normally would not have a chance.’

One of those items is perpetual vote fraud and election theft.

You may recall that in California during the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats managed to flip several traditionally Republican congressional seats in red districts using a state-approved vote fraud method called “ballot harvesting.”

What is it? As former U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) noted in a column at Fox News:

The process of ballot harvesting should be illegal for very good reason. It violates the chain of custody, exposing the ballot to potential manipulation by campaign operatives or nonprofit political groups. They could harass voters to turn in ballots, “assist” them in filling them out, and potentially “lose” ballots that don’t support the candidate the ballot harvester is paid to help.

That’s exactly what happened in the Golden State. Democrats flipped seven reliably Republican House seats after ballots for Democratic contenders were ‘found’ as much as a week after the election.

Now, congressional Democrats want to take this vote-fraud scheme nationwide with the help of their old buddy and fellow socialist billionaire George Soros, who is in on it with them.

And they are planning to use the coronavirus pandemic as the vehicle to get it done.

As reported by Breitbart News, Marc Elias, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign attorney who works for a law firm — Perkins Coie — that financed (using money funneled from Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign) the bogus ‘Russia dossier,’ outlined changes he says the U.S. needs in order to ‘fix’ voting rules before the 2020 election.

Democrats would not be supporting this method of balloting if they didn’t think it would help them
Basically, it reads like a manual, “How to steal an election.”

There are only two ‘voting reforms’ the country really needs and those are:

— All voters must cast ballots in person, to preserve that ‘chain of custody’ that Chaffetz discussed. That’s the only way to ensure integrity and that the vote cast actually came from the person casting it.

— All voters should be made to show valid, government-issued IDs — to prove residency, citizenship, age, and legal status. We have to show our ID to buy liquor and cigarettes, to get into a federal or state courthouse, to board a commercial flight, and for a variety of other reasons. That we don’t have to prove who we are to elect our leaders and vote on measures is absurd.

We established better voting procedures in the countries we invaded and then occupied over the past two decades; remember seeing Iraqis with purple fingers signifying they had cast ballots (so they couldn’t go somewhere else and vote two, three, four times)?

We don’t do that in America because…racism/bigotry/inequality…or some such BS.

Mail-in balloting and allowing people to go around ‘harvesting’ ballots is such a blatant violation of trust and integrity only a Marxist Democrat could love those techniques. It is such an easy, effortless way to steal an election that it reminds us of ‘voting’ in authoritarian dictatorships like North Korea, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Cuba, and even Venezuela — where the authoritarian winds up with some ridiculous percentage of the vote.

Democrats would not be supporting this method of balloting if they didn’t think it would help them not only gain power but keep it. Otherwise, what would be the point? Because we know they don’t really believe in “democracy” once they are in power.

While simpletons, idiots, and virtue-signaling morons claim Donald Trump is the real “totalitarian” threat, it’s the Donkey Party that is attempting to swipe our democracy.

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