Dear South Korea, please help our incompetent, scientifically illiterate and hopelessly corrupt CDC figure out how to defeat the coronavirus

Thursday, April 2, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Thursday, April 02, 2020

A message from a concerned American to the people of South Korea:

(Instructions for translating this into Korean, below)

Please help our incompetent, scientifically illiterate and hopelessly corrupt CDC figure out how to test hundreds of thousands of Americans for the coronavirus, including asymptomatic carriers, whom authorities so far refuse to test. While your own government has achieved impressive diagnostic testing throughput, meticulous contact tracing of possible exposures and smart geo-located coronavirus alerts to your own citizens, our CDC has sent out test kits that produce false negative results, removed testing statistics from the CDC website and prohibited state-level labs from conducting any testing at all for a period of nearly four weeks (in February), during which the virus spread across the entire country.

Now, our CDC continues to tell our people to avoid wearing masks, claiming that masks don’t work to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

We are living under the authority of scientifically illiterate bureaucrats who appear to be part of a government-run suicide cult right here in America. They worship bureaucracy instead of God, and they want us to all drink the Kool-Aid of deception and denialism instead of conducting legitimate, validated tests and recommending masks that could help us defeat this virus and end the harsh lockdowns.

Please help us, South Korea, as we Americans are now prisoners living under a medical tyranny run by incompetent lunatics who already managed to get an extra $2 billion in “emergency funding” from the federal government, as if somehow throwing billions of new dollars at incompetent morons will spontaneously make them intelligent and honest.

Normally, we buy your cars, appliances and machinery equipment, among other exports from your nation. But right now, we urgently need your coronavirus testing expertise and wisdom about masks. Last week I visited a hospital in Texas and requested to pay for a coronavirus test out of my own pocket. They told me no coronavirus testing was available at the local level. When I asked them what would happen if I were showing obvious symptoms of a coronavirus infection, they said they would gladly test me for influenza.

I told them influenza is not the coronavirus. This did not seem to sink in. They are impervious to logic, almost as if they take pride in this trait.

I live on a ranch in Texas with several Nigerian goats. It seems like talking to the goats about coronavirus testing would produce better results than talking to medical personnel or the CDC. I am very close to initiating conversations with ducks, squirrels and donkeys, as they provide more intelligent responses than our government officials, bureaucrats and propagandists.

I do not speak Korean, but my wife is from Taiwan, and her country is taking this seriously just like yours. In Taiwan, government medical personnel are conducting highly effective infection tracking, isolation orders and quarantines as needed. In America, government medical personnel are pretending that a lack of testing means a lack of infections, and that masks don’t work to stop the spread of the virus. They also claim that people who show no symptoms cannot spread the virus and therefore do not need to be tested. This is insane. These clueless bureaucrats and medical “leaders” equate ignorance with knowledge, and they seem to think that America will be the only nation in the world that magically stops the coronavirus successfully, even as other nations have been devastated by it. This will be accomplished, we are told, while having virtually no personal protective equipment for the people and no requirement for testing asymptomatic carriers.

Adding to the insanity of this situation, the US Surgeon General recently scolded Americans for buying masks and told the public that masks don’t work, but that hospitals across America need millions of masks, so the public should stop buying them. He failed to explain how masks work in hospitals if they don’t work when the public buys them.

Meanwhile, Facebook has banned all ads for masks as part of the effort to make sure Americans are highly vulnerable to infections. The media in America is now scolding people who purchase anything related to the coronavirus, including food, masks, hand sanitizers and other potentially lifesaving gear. The propaganda machine here in America now resembles communist China in its level of deception and total lack of respect for human dignity or honesty.

I feel like we are living in a zombie apocalypse nightmare dystopian sci-fi movie with horrible actors and a very low budget. Please help us with medical technology so that our insanely incompetent government officials can learn how to beat the virus, or I will end up living in the woods, talking with my donkeys and goats because all the cities will collapse due to sheer stupidity.

America has become a suicide cult, where the real disease is stupidity, which is spreading even faster than the virus itself. If only we had the experience and organizational efficiency of South Korea, we might actually have a chance to avoid the worst scenarios of economic collapse and mass death.

Writing from rural Texas. Bless you all,

– Mike Adams

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  1. Fossil

    I thought the planet was being terraformed by aliens mike.something about you makes me noxious.

  2. Fossil

    And quit throwing Christianity around like your a believer. Lay of the hallucinogenics also!


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