There Are Scientific Reasons Why Your Prayers and Words of Knowlege Are Warning You About Extreme Dangers Coming Your Way

Monday, March 30, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, March 30, 2020

Are you receiving strong feelings of impending doom in the world, for our country and even for your community? If you are, this is not necessarily a sign of paranoia. In laymen’s terms, paranoia is defined as the “perception of a threat, when none exists.” There is also the reasonable person standard that gets applied to this concept and it asks the mental health status question, “Would most people perceive a threat in the same situation?” Today, many people are panicked and this sheer paranoia and accompanying sense of panic is exhibiting itself in many of our buying habits.

In recent days, we have experienced an unusual with toilet paper. Violence has even broken out with regard to possessing the limited supply of toilet paper. Why? The short answer is that people are panicked like they have never been before. Has the country/world just gone crazy? Science suggests that they may be a reason why so many in the country are panicked.

I have also received many individual perceptions that catastrophic doom is right around the corner and that the Trump administration knows this and they are covering this up. In my 17 years in the alt media, I have covered many major events, some with the potential for a huge loss of life. Yet, I have never seen people panicked to this level. Can science predict this as well and the answer, again, is yes! Certain studies at worst demonstrate what we are feeling is predictive of approaching doom. And some studies clearly demonstrate that humans have an innate ability, far beyond the laws of chance and random guessing, to predict when they are in danger in proximity to the time and place of the threat. This article will walk through “God’s science” which shows that there is a scientific nature to the phenomenon of the validity of prayer and words of knowledge from God from a variety of experiments.

This article will deal with this topic on a scientific basis and lend credence that when people are saying that we are in danger like we never have collectively been before, they are probably correct. My prayer life and my subtle intuitions, which I have chosen to ascribe to the Lord, tells me we are facing a time like mankind has never faced since Noah’s Flood. I am going to expose the research that shows that Christians and their predictive feelings are not to be scorned and laughed at. But first, I need to expose some very real scientific fraud that is an attempt to keep us from understanding what we are dealing with.

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  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Listen to Alex Jones explain about dna in us from other people would show types of ‘corona’ viruses if tests done !


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