The Virus Is Only the Beginning

Sunday, March 29, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Sunday, March 29, 2020

I estimate that about 67%, or two-thirds of the United States largely fits the stereotype of a beer-drinking, overweight, sedentary and ignorant person who sits on the couch drinking Bud Light, watching CNN and when he votes, which is rare, he does so based on name recognition. This kind of an American is a testament to the failed policies of No Child Left Behind and Common Core. Most of these people can’t find London on a map and 55% cannot name the Vice-President as the people are not only totally ignorant about their world, when the new reality finally takes hold, this group will change America forever. as they will be acting out of sheer panic. Just look at the toilet paper issue. Imagine what will happen when their kids cannot get food to eat. Mark my words, when this collective becomes aware that everything they own has been stolen over a virus, they are going to go from 0-60 in under 4 seconds. When the food shortages begin to appear next month, the gangsters will not be the only dangerous group in the streets. America, right now, has the potential to turn into Bosnia during their 1992-1993 Civil Warm and you can thank a Democrat for this situation.

On Monday, March 30, 2020, I am interviewing a Central American expert on geopolitics. He is an expert, not because the information highly technical, it is because he’s going to tell my audience things that is filtered out of our mainstream media. I am not going to identify him until after the interview airs and that is for his protection. I do not know all of the events that he is going to describe, but generally, he is going to talk about El Salvador and the fact that their President, an ally of President Trump, has declared that World War III has begun and he did so on Twitter. This President has closed all borders to his country and sent the military to reinforce the closures. It appears that he expects to get invaded, presumably because he is an ally of the United States and the Red Dawn invasion is coming.

Some people who are aware of these events state that the President of El Salvador is only closing the borders to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. That assertion is laughable because it does not take advance military weapons to close a border and these weapons will do nothing against the virus. As the President of El Salvador has said, there is war coming as tje Red Dawn invasion is coming right through El Salvador.

Below. I have listed the steps being implemented to take America down.

The Virus Is Only the Opening Salvo of the Planned Destruction of America

The Rest…HERE

7 Responses to “The Virus Is Only the Beginning”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Trump needs to stop chem trailing NOW with his new powers. Don’t fall for the lies (((they))) give you re why they are spraying us like roaches. Also lose 5 G –

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Get ready for a financial reset IF (((they))) don’t add something extra to the chem trails. By the way … doesn’t chem trailing harm our respiratory systems that we need to be intact to withstand covid 19 ??????

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Hospital ship … or jail ship ? 🙂

  4. Robert Edward Lee

    Aaannnd is Tom Hanks going bye bye ? He’s one of the far left Trump hating freaks by the way –

  5. War Profit

    Either a bio-weapon was released intentionally, as an act of warfare, or it was not. If it was, the the actions being taken by our military would be defensive measures necessary,for an invasion as you claim.
    However, if the sole purpose of the alleged pandemic were for say,,, a global world order,then sucking in all of the worlds population, before a planned global financial collapse, pre-staging military for chaos that would arise during the transition period, to control order, food, etc, would make sense as well.
    So which is it?
    Most Americans are staying home believing that both sides of the government, have the best intentions. Stay home, wash your hands, listen to what we say.
    Every alternative media is claiming they have sources within, that have told them what is transpiring.
    Not that long ago, in the state of Colorado, drones were flying on the eastern plains with impunity, not one credible source knew whose drones belonged to. That story vanished.
    I decipher based on facts, actions.
    Our nation is broke, our leader is an actor, our nation is under attack from an alleged virus, the stock market was rigged before the virus, the dog and pony show in DC, is distractions. How else could a bar tender who is clueless become a member of congress?
    Everything you have been led to believe your entire life, has been disguised as truth, but was an overt lie.
    How will you know your true enemy, just like in any war, they will come at you armed with a weapon, with the intent of enslaving or killing you.
    Everything else is hyperbole.
    So which is it, is Q and the white hats the saving Patriots, Is Red Dawn upon us, or is a global cabal out to crash the current system, and bring in the new one?
    Time will tell, meanwhile Americans sit in their homes, watching, waiting, for a savior.
    If you read this far, then God brought you here. Take a moment. Pause and reflect on all the good in your life, think about the trouble and hardship you’ve overcome, or are currently facing.
    Don’t go it alone.
    Repent, ask Jesus to come into your life as your personal savior. Confess to him, seek his forgiveness and his love and his grace.
    If you do this, nothing else will matter from that point forward. Regardless what happens, eternal life and salvation from this corrupt and dying world, will be your gift for eternity.
    God Bless you, and may God protect you, guide you, and grant you the discernment needed for whatever this world brings.

  6. War Profit

    Dave you mentioned the Bosnian war. My good friend, was a Bosnian sniper. He was captured, tortured, and they broke his back that 1st day in captivity. Another young teen Bosnian soldier was captured, Cole Black Hair, they tortured him till daybreak, that 19 year old’s black hair, had turned white by dawn from stress and torture.
    Bosnian’s who fled there homes and tried to return after the war, found only rubble, or found that the home had been stolen brick by brick.
    The lucky ones were given refuge in Germany, then granted visas to come to the US.
    American and Russian soldiers under the guise of the UN, went door to door and unarmed those who remained. One Russian soldier, told an American soldier, that the entire disarming of the Bosnian’s, was just preparation for the coming disarming of America.
    Just a small story to go along with the current times.

  7. Robert Edward Lee

    1. This was a NWO stunt that was turned on them BY GOD. We will see MANY evil scum arrested AND a dollar shift. We’ll see a HUGE LIKE NEVER BEFORE $ crash in late April followed by … a non stop 4 years of pleny, followed by … famine and long term crash in 2024. We have till end of Trumps 2nd term to stock up and get out of cities. If the “watchmen” were really MEN, they would be talking about an all white Confederacy 2.0 24/7 at this point BUT … we see they’ve been brainwashed to be PC by the Satan controlled media. We need a NEW channel / site / podcast run by strong white Christians who aren’t “milk toasts.”

    2. Red Dawn won’t happen till MAYBE after 2024 …

    3. If ANYONE EVER comes for our guns … we’ll die on our feet, not on our knees. We MIGHT even survive, but even if not boy will we take a LOT of them with us 🙂

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