I am an American constitutional lawyer – and I see our government using Covid-19 to take away our fundamental rights

Sunday, March 22, 2020
By Paul Martin

22 Mar, 2020

By Robert Barnes, American constitutional lawyer representing high-profile clients in civil and criminal trials, and known for his prescient political prognostications in American and international elections. Follow him on Twitter @Barnes_Law

Do we really think “it can’t happen here” in America? Could we quarantine the constitution? Are we doing it already?
Panics from pandemics unleash unchecked governmental power. The very premise of popular films like V for Vendetta reveal this: a group uses a virus to seize power and create a totalitarian society. Anyone could witness this from far-off lands, watching the news about China locking people up in their own homes and then removing them screaming from those homes whenever the state wanted. World War I and the Great Depression birthed virulent forms of governments with leaders like Hitler, Mao, Mussolini and Stalin.

Governments across America already used the pandemic, and the media-stoked panic around the pandemic particularly, to limit, restrict or remove First Amendment freedoms of speech and free association, with officials complaining about the potential restraints the freedom of religion imposed upon them. Others denied or declared the right to deny Second Amendment rights of gun purchase for personal safety (at a time governments are issuing no-arrest and no-detention orders for a wide range of crimes in their community while publicly freeing inmates from jails and prisons). They want to coordinate with tech companies to surveil and spy on your everyday movements and activities, in violation of the Fourth Amendment and potentially waive, unilaterally, your medical right to privacy in multiple contexts. Stay-at-home orders deprive you of your profession, occupation, business and property, without any due process of law at all beyond an executive fiat in violation of the Fifth Amendment right to due process. Governments request the authority to involuntarily imprison any American on mere fear of infection without any probable cause of crime or clear and present danger of harm by that person’s volitional conduct, deny access to personal counsel in an unsupervised, un-surveilled manner in violation of the Sixth Amendment, and act as judge, jury and executioner in violation of the Seventh Amendment right to a trial by jury, as jury trials themselves get suspended around the country in the nation’s quieted courts and fear-muted public.

The real pandemic threat is here. It’s the panic that will quarantine our Constitution.

First Amendment Quarantined?

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4 Responses to “I am an American constitutional lawyer – and I see our government using Covid-19 to take away our fundamental rights”

  1. Fossil

    Covert-19 sounds more appropriate

  2. White Scooter Trash

    The County Sheriff and the U.S. Marshal are not in office to serve government servants they are there to serve the People by guarding against government abuse.


    It is time lawyers that are patriotic speak with our Sheriffs.

  3. Arizona

    BUT,BUT, LORD I WAS JUST DOING MY JOB,I HAD TO KILL THOSE CHILDREN,ITS what we in law enforcement do,murder,rape,loot,and kidnapp,ITS THE REASON AMERICANS LOVE US,we work for the DEVIL,and all of america LOVES THE DEVIL,And very soon THE DEVILS SON “BARACK OBAMA” the son of perdition will be president again,and there will be nation wide celebrations ,JUST before america is cast into hell….

  4. MadMagyar

    FIRST: the ‘Constitution’ WAS a contract between men, ALL of whom were dead by 1827. It set up a corporation to protect THEIR interests, their HEIRS’ interests – and NOBODY ELSE’S. It’s plain as day, in black-and-white in the Preamble. Anybody with 6th-grade sentence diagramming skills can see that.

    SECOND: that corporation went by the wayside at least by 1861 (the obvious reason) and ANOTHER was set up by The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871.

    THIRD: IF the terms and conditions of the ORIGINAL 1789 Constitution apply to anybody at all, they apply TO THE CORPORATION and its MEMBERS – ONLY. The first ten Articles of Amendment were ratified by state representatives to protect US (the NON-members, out on the land in the ‘states’) from THEM and their to-be-expected usurpation of power. Because men, given a little bit of power, want only one thing: more power.

    The ONLY thing the federal, state, county or city/town CORPORATE statutes, codes, rules, regulations, procedures, etc. apply to are THEIR members. NONE of them apply to men or women. Look up ANY state ‘statutes’ definition of ‘person’. It’s a corporation, NOT a man or woman. In other words – the statutes DO NOT APPLY to men or women.

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