Food Riots Coming!!! When Trouble Comes to Your Door Will You Be Part of the 10% Who Know What to Do?

Friday, March 20, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Friday, March 20, 2020

In the past week, I have seen more ignorance, unwarranted bravado, more stupidity and more cognitive dissonance than I have ever seen in the 17 years that I have been covering the nefarious activities of those who want to kill you, or will turn you into a slave.

Modestly, the size of my audience is significant. I realize that my experience and acquired knowledge cannot save everyone. Many people have a psychological makeup that severely inhibits there ability to survive in a crisis.

Ubiquitous research tells us that only 10% of the population can function during a crisis and the average time you have to make a decision is three to five seconds. Here is a scenario that will illustrate what it is I am talking about. You are running for a your life with your family and a close friend. A bullet strikes your friend in the thigh and he collapse on the ground. What would you do, you have three seconds starting right now….one…two…three! Did you formulate the answer in the time you had to read about the problem? If not, either your friend died or your family was put in more danger than they had to be. What did you say? If you said, you ripped a shirt and tied off the wound and told him to keep pressure on the wound, while yelling at your family to keep running, most would say you are correct. You have 20-30 seconds at most to solve this problem. What to do with your friend….this is a gut-wrenching decision. If he/she cannot get back up and run, you must do an instantaneous triage decision must be rehearsed ahead of time. When you tie off the wound, you must immediately run to catch up with your family that should be running at top speed. You might have time to quickly drag your friend off the street and under a car and leave a weapon behind. But whatever you do, you must run to rejoin your family because they need you to survive. Hesitating beyond tying off the wound and momentarily comforting your friend will likely end your life and lessen the chances of your family’s survival.

This is triage and triage is about ready to be performed on you during this current situation. I am going to be brutally honest about my shift in mentality in terms of how I approach my role on The Common Sense Show. In the past, I tolerated cognitive dissonance, false bravado, and general inexperience or abject stupidity. Today, there is so much that needs to be done to help people to prepare, and a very limited time frame to perform this task, I do not have time to deal with morons who, despite overwhelming evidence that they are in danger continue to follow a course of action that puts both them and their family in extreme danger. I will help when I can, but my focus is centered on helping and advising people that truly appreciate the seriousness of the times that we have entered into. Therefore, I have to perform triage on people who refuse to help themselves and if they engage in obstructionist behavior and detract from this critical mission, I must eliminate them from my forums so they do not impede the progress of disseminating information that could save lives. Therefore, anyone who uses terms like “fear-monger”, or denies the existence of the Coronavirus, will be removed from my platforms.

I do not know the exact numbers associated with transmission of the various strains of the virus, or even the death rate because it is varying in different parts of the world. And even if the virus was a complete hoax designed to usher in a tyrannical dictatorship, it does not matter at this point. My sources are very consistent. Right now, we are under a voluntary shelter in place mandate from federal, state and local authorities. Enjoy this time, because we are going to soon be entering a new reality. And the people who will be making decisions about your life and the lives of your family, could give a damn about your conspiracy theories and insider information, myself included. As I stated, I do not know how bad this virus will be in the United States (see Mike Adams), however, those of you who continue to congregate in public have become the enemy of your country, your community and my enemy. These irresponsivle people are threatening to make the situation far worse than it has to be.

Friend and trusted source, Paul Martin, contacted me three days ago and told me that his daughter, a nurse, working in Tulsa, reported that people in their 20’s and 30’s were showing up at hospitals and dying from lung and/or heart failure. So much for the myth the CV-19 is not dangerous and that it only attacks people with underlying conditions over the age of 60. Last night, I spoke with a CV-19 survivor and this underlies why I am performing triage on the ignorant in my life as I do not have time to deal with the nonsense when there is so much work to be done.

If an individual is openly defiant, they will likely, at some point, end up in place not of their choosing and it could be their final residence.

A New Reality

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One Response to “Food Riots Coming!!! When Trouble Comes to Your Door Will You Be Part of the 10% Who Know What to Do?”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    You’re all distracted like good little sheeple. You should be petitioning Trump to use his new powers to shut down chem trailing NOW BEFORE THEY CAN PLACE MORE BIO WEAPONS IN THE SPRAY – WHICH ALREADY HAMMERS OUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS.


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