Bill Gates’ Home Testing Kits Open the Door foe Mass Incarceration to Martial Law Medical Camps

Wednesday, March 11, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

In Part One of this series, I reviewed the documentation from 11 years ago which demonstrated how the globalists attempted to employ vaccine checkpoints on the roads and were attempting to make vaccines mandatory for the H1N1 vaccine. Before the dawn of Big Tech censorship, the alt media was able to rise up and stop this attempted takeover of America.

Unfortunately, they are are back and they have new and improved strategies. In order to lessen the reliance of vaccine compliance roadblocks everywhere, they are bringing the roadblocks to your home in the form of Bill Gates home testing.

Of course, any reasonable person would refuse for all the obvious reasons. However, if these reasons are not readily available to you, I will review them in the conclusion section of this article. America, we have to note that 60-70% of the country is locked into the “sheep model” of cognitive dissonance in which if they don’t see it on CNN, they have been innocultated against the truth through constant repititon by the mainstream media. Unfortunately, as we move into crisis mode with regard to the Coronavirus, most people coming to this world view have a paradigm that will permit them to refuse to take improperly and hastily developed, and as such dangerous, vaccines. The will fight to get to the front of the line to get the latest untested jab in the arm while they are convinced by the profiteers of the vaccine industry (eg Bill Gates) that they are saving the country. Wave the flag and stick your arm out.

It takes 5-10 year to develop a properly tested vaccine. Just watch, Bill Gates his accomplices in the CDC and some big pharma front group will miraculously accomplish this feat in weeks to months because these profiteers know that the general public does not understand basic statistics and research protocols. If one thinks I am being too harsh on the general American population of America, ask 10 people to explain the research principle called “Levels of signifance”. This practice permits researchers the knowledge to know when they can assign causality as a probability. The forumula and the result looks like this:

P= >.05.

This means that a statistical test run on the data tells the researcher that there is a 95% chance that their research results are not due to random chance. And of course that the data collected is done so in a double blind format and each participant had an equal chance of being in either the experimental group (where they receive the actual treatment), or, they had an equal chance of being put into the control group where they, without their knowledge, only receive a placebo. Here is where many big pharma companies cheat. They pretest their volunteer subjects, quietly and off the books. They determine which of their “high placebo” response subjects would be good candidates for the experimental group because this artificially enhance the gains made in the experimental group vs the control group.

I dare you to ask 10 people who are employed professors and professional researchers to explain this process. 999 out of 1,000 people won’t get beyond the first sentence of my answer to your question. I used to teach a master degree research course on how to do a dissertation and this required class was a preliminary step to actually beginning the dissertation with one’s own committee. I never had a student, in my nearly 5 years of teaching this class, I never had a student that in the first week of class could explain this process and they all had at least 3.5 GPA’s, in their undergrade work and all had a four year college degree. And even with the whiz kids who might have a good background in research and stats coming into the class (rare), they could not explain how unethical researchers could cheat the protocols to produce the results they wanted. This is how the vaccine industry and Bill Gates colleagues at the CDC will cheat and create an ineffective vaccine with deceptive research results. To the globalists, we should offer our apologies because we are now engaged in the prohibited practice of thinking for ourselves instead of reacting to the conditioning that we are exposed to everyday.

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One Response to “Bill Gates’ Home Testing Kits Open the Door foe Mass Incarceration to Martial Law Medical Camps”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Very good article Mr. Hodges.

    Still waiting on all the “watchmen” though, to coordinate a national prayer day wherein everyone prays during the same hour EST, on the same day for the same 7 or 8 things, # 1 of course being the virus. WHY have you all not begun this ???

    And again … did anyone read The Stand, by Stephen King ? All throughout the story there are odd interjected references to “19” for no reason and there’s no pay off at end !!? Some deep state dirt bag read it and (((they))) are telling us what they’re doing.

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