Coronavirus DENIALISM: When people tell you, “It won’t be that bad,” ask them to explain how the virus STOPS replicating

Sunday, March 8, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Sunday, March 08, 2020

There’s a disease that spreading around the world at breakneck speeds, and it isn’t the coronavirus. It’s coronavirus denialism, a kind of mental state of imaginary biology that has more in common with transgenderism propaganda than medical reality.

People will announce their coronavirus denialism disease at every opportunity, often in public. Here are some of the phrases that identify these irrational denialists who suffer from mathematical illiteracy and imaginary fictions where they can pretend the virus poses no threat to humanity:

“It won’t be that bad.”

“It’s no worse than the flu.”

“There will be a vaccine that stops it.”

“The government will stop it.”

“It won’t affect America like it’s affecting the rest of the world.”

“It will fade out on its own.”

“Viruses don’t exist / viruses don’t cause disease.”

“It will be contained and won’t spread any further.”

“It will be stopped in (insert country name here).”

When you hear these phrases, you’ve got a pandemic denialism disease victim on your hands. Here’s how to give them a quick cure.

No one can explain how the virus will stop replicating

To cure your friend or family member of pandemic denialism disease, just ask them the following question:

“By what mechanism does the virus stop replicating?”

You see, for the coronavirus to be “no big deal,” it has to stop replicating, obviously. Because if it keeps replication and spreading on the exponential curve that’s been well traced since day one in Wuhan, it very quickly infects a very large percentage of the global population, killing many millions of people and overwhelming hospitals around the world.

See this chart from It shows the explosive, sustained spread of the coronavirus around the world, both in terms of infections and deaths. For the coronavirus to be “no big deal,” these skyrocketing lines have to be flatlined:

So another way to phrase the main question here is to show your friend these graphs and ask them what will cause the lines to go flat.

If the lines don’t go flat, the virus keeps spreading, obviously. So anyone who tells you, “It won’t be that bad” is in effect proposing a theory of how these lines turn FLAT. So ask them to explain how that theory works.

That will stop them in their tracks.

In truth, pandemic denialists have no theories to explain how the virus stops replicating. They have no rational process they can invoke which will achieve a halting of the spread of the virus without causing widespread economic collapse. Yes, they can say, “The government orders everyone in the entire country to stay home for 30 days,” but that action would of course collapse the very fabric of modern society, leading to economic collapse, lawlessness, food shortages, a medical crisis and much more.

Pandemic denialists, you see, can’t face the reality of what’s happening so they fabricate nice-sounding stories to tell themselves so that they don’t have to embrace the reality of the global pandemic collapse that has already been set into motion. That’s how they come up with nonsensical, irrational sayings like, “It’s no worse than the flu.”

It’s a story they tell themselves, just like children have imaginary friends who keep them safe from dreadful monsters hiding in the closet. But the stories aren’t real. They’re fairy tales.

Our world is dominated by fairy tales, it turns out. Very few people are living in any mental model that resembles reality.

Lots of famous people are peddling fairy tales that will collapse in the face of reality within 90 days

Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Drew and Elon Musk are all spinning delusional fairy tales, by the way. So is President Trump. If you ask them the simple question above — by what mechanism does the virus stop replication? — they can’t provide any rational answer.

Rush Limbaugh says “98% of the people survive,” which is an admission that 2% die. If half the U.S. population gets infected, a 2% fatality rate is about 3.3 million people, or 100 times more fatalities than the flu. But since Rush can’t do math, you can’t walk him through this simple equation. Rush has become the propaganda broadcast hub for Mike Pence, who knows nothing about virology or epidemiology. When Mike Pence talks about the coronavirus, it makes about as much sense as Joe Biden talking about firearms.

Dr. Drew is a celebrity doctor who says it’s, “no worse than the flu.” Yet unless he’s been lobotomized, he must know that the mortality rate of seasonal influenza is only around 0.1% (, while the mortality rate among those infected with the coronavirus is, according to the WHO, 3.4%. That means the coronavirus mortality rate is 34 times higher than the season flu. Surely Dr. Drew can follow this simple math, unless he’s gone the route of Brian Williams on MSNBC who thinks 327 million multiplied by one million is only 500 million. (Hint: The correct answer is 327 trillion.)

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