Signs Are Appearing that the Coronavirus Outbreak Will be Followed by a CHICOM-Led Red Dawn Invasion

Saturday, March 7, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Saturday, March 7, 2020

Sometimes, while one looks to the left, they get smacked in the face from the right. While America becomes consumed with the emerging pandemic in our country form the which the results could be catastrophic, this would mark the perfect time to launch a Red Dawn invasion in order to complete the economic destruction of the United States.

I have it on very good authority that DHS and the Border Patrol are considering closing the border. Many think it will be because of the government’s desire to prevent the Coronavirus from coming into America. That is no doubt partially true. However, I believe that the overwheming reason for the Chinese and possibly the Russians and their Central and South American allies to cross the border is because the Coronavirus could produce an America weak enough to attack. Here is what I reported on this topic a few days ago.

I have maintained for the past 7 years that a Red Dawn invasion emanating from our Southern border would occur when the United States was sufficiently weakened. We are quickly approaching the point to where this country is sufficiently weakened.

I have made previous reference to the fact that there were tunnels of a military nature going under our border wall and that Trump’s mission to build a wall has morphed into repelling a light infantry attack. The new designs of the border wall reflect this changing goal. Unfortunately, this article reflects a change in operations at the border, but specific details are still to be discovered. However, this can be certainly be said with absolute accuracy, the main concern at the border is centered around an invasion of the United States, not with stopping the influx of illegal immigrants. We will be looking at Chinese immigrants. If you don’t think so, please consider the fact that there is a dramatic uptick in the number of Chinese nationals that have been intercepted by the Border Patrol at our Southern border.

Did the Chinese swim from China to get here? Or is this the advance guard of an invasion force. Is this group that will attack infrastructure prior to the invasion? Will it be the group that will take down the grid?

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4 Responses to “Signs Are Appearing that the Coronavirus Outbreak Will be Followed by a CHICOM-Led Red Dawn Invasion”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    No … I doubt the chinks will attack. In fact I believe John a little more than Clif High at this point … but we’ll know more in a month :

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    If anything “follows” this … it’ll be THE big one all along the left coast, flushing butt loads of freaks down and out …

  3. Citizen Kane

    The chickens have finally come home to roost. Maybe it’s time we experience the hell our country unleashed on others in the name of profit. A red dawn invasion is probably the only thing that will force everyone to look away from their cell phones.

  4. Robert Edward Lee

    Mark Taylor AND Chisza7 can not BOTH be right.

    Clif High AND X 22 report can not BOTH be right.

    Nomorefakenews AND Mike Adams interview with Infowars can not BOTH be right

    We’ll no a lot more in a month. Meanwhile stock up

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