Constitutional “GAME OVER” for Gun Control

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
By Paul Martin
February 26, 2020

Where are we headed next in the epic struggle of We The People versus the elite?

Edwin Vieira interviewed by Dunagun Kaiser on Reluctant Preppers

Virginia is the Crucible. Your State is Next.
-“As Goes Virginia, So Goes the Union?”

Gun-ban bills, high-capacity magazine limitations, and red flag laws have run full bore into the muzzle-end of a grassroots 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement in the state which bears the motto, “Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

Dr Edwin Vieira, authoritative constitutional expert on the 2nd Amendment, prolific author, and Virginia resident, returns to Liberty & Finance / Reluctant Preppers to alert us to the vital precedents being set in the battleground state of Virginia that will impact our freedom.

Dr. Vieira lays out his critical assessment of the progress made on the ground and in the halls of power there, where we are headed next in the epic struggle of The People vs. the elite, and what we need to understand to secure our true rights and role as sovereign and free people.

One Response to “Constitutional “GAME OVER” for Gun Control”

  1. Dovid

    This is exactly why the corona virus was loosed in a communist nation and allowed to spread unhindered to the USA. In the mean time Americans are brain washed each day by the most deadly weapon to date aka-MSM!!! If they had loosed it in the USA there would have been an uprising against the establishment after it was discovered to be an act of Bio-War upon we the people. The communist know that it will be very difficult if not impossible to take the weapons via boots on the ground. Americans are still asleep and unaware that this is probably a communist Bio-attack via alternate locations designed to target the US population. Can you say Trojan horse for the modern day.

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