A Look Inside the Coming Quarantine Camps Where “You Can Checkout but You Will Never Leave”

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Nearly a year ago, I reported that major media was reporting that the United Nations began training the newly formed Mexican National Guard in “humanitarian activities”. As we now have the advantage of some retrospective consideration, it is clear that groups like the Mexican National Guard, with UN oversignt, will be policing our soon-to-be medical martial law camps.

With every stunning new detail that is presented in this article, please be mindful of this fact. At the end of this article, I challenge any reasonable person to not conclude that the UN is training, at least in part, the Mexican National Guard to serve in medical martial law FEMA camps and it will not be for humantarian purposes.

A short while ago, I compared my work, on the creation of quarantine camps, or…medical martial martial law camps (with no medical provisions), with that of Celeste Solom. There were striking similarities. Subsequent, I went through the archives of the CSS and found more dramatic information which most likely underlies what is coming to America as the Coronavirus is slowly gaining a foothold in the United States.

Just how serious is the Coronavirus and its mutations? It is serious enough that we know about attempted secret meetings between the CDC, the DOD, FEMA and DHS. We know that quarantine zones are being set up, not planned, set up, as I write these words. However, what is coming is not dependent upon you hearing the latest rumor. It is contingent upon you staying vigilant as well as know about Executive Orders, Army protocols and Legislation which will govern what happens to millions of American when the Coronavirus crisis becomes undeniable in the present time.

As I write these words, the big tech companies (ie social media) are meeting with the CDC and WHO in attempt to go all-out censorship with regard to the Coronavirus. Soon, you will be only reading and hearing about one viewpoint on this widening crisis, the view of the CDC (ie part of the American Deep State) and WHO (ie United Nations). What could go wrong?

Many of us wrote about many of the policies that appear in this article. However, until the current crisis provided us with some context, we could only apply the draconian nature of these policies in hypothetical means. Now, we have the means to apply old knowledge with current events and the events are so frightening that it will cause the strong of body hearts to fail them because of the gross inhumanity of what is coming. America is getting a front row seat on how genocide is rolled out and the curtain is now just rolling back for the opening act. Now that we have the contextual clues needed to make sense out of past policy, we can write the future because my history book has already exposed the plot, many times.

I would suggest printing out a hard copy of this article. Why? Because we don’t know how long the truth is going to be publicly available. Here is the truth as we understand the nature of the quarantine camps and the rules and identities of those that will be running these camps.


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