ALERT: Coronavirus Now a GLOBAL Pandemic: Here’s What You Need to Know

Friday, January 31, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Thursday, January 30, 2020

With the World Health Organization now having declare the coronavirus pandemic a global pandemic emergency, for the very first time a few Americans are starting to pay attention and wonder what’s next.

As one of the top science researchers in the independent media today, I’ll share my honest assessment of where we are. No spin, no government lies, no exaggerations, nothing but cool-headed, honest analysis:

Based on everything I’m seeing so far, if President Trump doesn’t halt flights from China in the next 72 hours, it is highly likely that the coronavirus pandemic will be unable to be contained in the United States. This means it would then become endemic in the USA and around the world, eventually. It would likely kill off between 5% – 10% of the population, and the rest would survive with new immunity, living in the aftermath of what would essentially be an economic apocalypse. But humanity would recover. It’s not the end of the world.

However, if flights from China are restricted in the next three days (by Feb. 2), there is a good chance the pandemic can be contained in the United States, at least for the current wave.

However, containment seems a lot less likely in other countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Korea and even China itself. And if this starts to spread into Africa, India or South America, then it’s basically so far out of containment that it will never be fully stopped. At that point, we would all just need to accept the fact that it will become endemic and perhaps 5% – 10% of the world population will be killed by it (although that number might go higher or lower, depending on mutations).

The truth is, we won’t even know the full answer to all this for a few months, since this virus can experience explosive new pockets of outbreaks in secondary communities or nations where it’s not currently being recorded.

Right now, there is a reasonable, realistic chance that the world might contain this outbreak, but that chance is slipping away by the hour. If this isn’t dramatically curtailed very, very soon — as in, the next week or so — it’s probably beyond any reasonable expectation of long-term containment. In effect, EVERY country in the world has to make no mistakes and achieve full containment, or it eventually breaks out of containment and exposes everyone sooner or later. It only takes one country failing to respond in a perfect way for this virus to break containment and spread everywhere.

I ask you: What are the odds that every major nation in the world will do a perfect job containing this virus?

My guess is that the odds of that happening are approaching zero.

The next 3 – 7 days will tell us a lot. If containment is working in China, we should start to see their numbers leveling off. But if numbers start to increase in other nations, then China’s “success” at containment becomes irrelevant. My advice is to start preparing to be infected sooner or later, and prepare to survive that infection through the use of natural medicine, nutritional support and other health-enhancing strategies.

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