Coronavirus Panic And $18,000 Gold

Tuesday, January 28, 2020
By Paul Martin
January 28, 2020

With the price of gold pulling back today and stocks rallying, one of the greats in the business discusses the coronavirus threat and $18,000 gold.

Worldwide Depression And Gold
January 28 (King World News) – Dr. Stephen Leeb: Here’s how I assign the probabilities for gold in coming years:

I see more than a 90 percent probability that gold will soar over all other assets, including stocks.
I see an 80 percent probability that those gains will be utterly spectacular, eclipsing any bull market in any asset in our lifetime.
Those are pretty compelling odds. Let me explain how I arrived at them. Basically, I see the coming investment climate as encompassing three distinct possibilities, each indicating a different outlook for gold. The first is dominated by commodity inflation. I think this is far and away the likeliest, and I am assigning it a probability of 80 percent or higher.

The next most likely is worldwide depression, i.e., major and protracted deflation in commodities and in worldwide growth. I think there’s a somewhat greater 10 percent likelihood of this.

Finally, and least likely – a less than 10 percent probability, and probably much less – is that we return to the kind of Goldilocks world of the 1990s, the last decade before China’s economic rise. If so, commodities would remain tame, while growth, if not necessarily torrid, would be solid…

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2 Responses to “Coronavirus Panic And $18,000 Gold”

  1. War Profit

    NWO here we come. One thing I disagree with, Dr. Stephen stated that China was doing this for the well being of there people,,, Hog wash,,, they are the coming Army of the NWO, they were built for this time,,, and we are days away from China going digital,,, going away from cash,,, the onset of this virus,,, and today POTUS front and center with BB,,, with the new middle east plan,,,
    stock up on food, water, and be reday to hunker down and the means to protect yourself from the gun grabbers,,, the vaxxers,,, I like KWN, but you have to listen to all the wording/words,,, to get the full picture.

  2. Fossil

    Speculation on top of speculation. And as far as SARS goes it only killed 800 people so do some more twisting and turning of events and then take your pencil neck philosophy and the smug look on your face and do something productive for once in your mooching life.


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